Monday, May 5, 2008

This and That

Spencer likes swings (we finally found this out, it took forever for the swings to be put up after winter)

Friday some of us girls went to the temple, it was fun sharing the experience with people I love.

Saturday we joined Erica for a little adventure and to make a long story short where we were did not have bathrooms. Garret had to go number 2 so I took him behind a tree and had him go. When he finished up he got all excited and proudly exclaimed "I pooped like a skunk". Unfortunately later when he had to go again he went while going down the slide (it was sick- it was so sad because it has been weeks since he had an accident)

Sunday we shared a very yummy dinner with some friends! (Thanks Sarah- she is an amazing cook!)

Here are a few pictures from Tyler's birthday I didn't post.

I think somebody is going to like their birthday cake!

Before going out for our anniversary (aren't we a cute couple?)Finals are over this week! I don't think spring extension will be as bad so just four more days without Tyler then we get him back!!!


Leah and Joe said...

That was fun, you got me laughing! I cant believe you made garret do his business behind a tree! where were you? Those pictures were fun too, all your boys loved that cake!

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures... Oh is Spencer going to love his 1st Birthday cake! Garret is a little farm boy after all, way to go Garret!
Love to all,
Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle Trenton

Ann Marie said...

Hey Rachel! Sorry I didn't visit you when I was in NY! I was going to ask you where you lived but totally spaced! Where do you live by the way?? My bro is serving a mission in Utica, well he's in a town called Fulton now actually! Anywho I'm sorry..I'm horrible I know. I'm glad things are going great over there though! Your blog is entertaining to read! I'm glad you have a blog! Anyways your kids are really cute! Tell Tyler I said hello!!