Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Date Night....with the kids!

Yesterday we had big plans to go to the Trisha Yearwood concert (it was free at Artpark). Then it started raining so we thought it might not happen. Garret was so sad so we went out and played in the puddles and he loved that. The weather was so crazy yesterday that within a half hour of the downpour it was sunny. We got ready and headed up north to Lewiston. We ate dinner at "the silo" restaurant. It is kind of on a cliff overlooking the water it was a beautiful view (and we had a coupon) so could it get any better? would have been way better if Spencer had not been screaming. Spencer has been going through something lately. I hope it is just his teeth coming in (poor baby has had swollen gums for so long now). Spencer had a hard time off and on the whole night and we kept wishing we had tried harder to find a babysitter (Pretty sure no one would have wanted to babysit crazy little Spencer last night). After dinner we went to the concert. Artpark is really cool. There were SO many people there! We thought the person that opened the show did a really good job and Garret got to see the Buffalo Bison's mascot again and he was so excited about that (he also enjoyed playing in the rocks). We only got to stay for the first few songs of Trisha Yearwood because Spencer had had enough. I would definitely recommend artparks free Tuesday concert to anyone it was a fun night out.

This little one could not decide if he wanted to be happy or sad!

My Little Cowboy!

I think Tyler looks pretty good as a Cowboy!


Debbie said...

I would definately say that if those two boys of yours end up looking like their daddy, you will be chasing the girls off at a very early age.
Give Spencer a kiss from me.(Garret too!)
Love, Mom

steph said...

well it looks like you guys had fun either way...cranky baby or not. i hope he starts feeling happier soon. it's never fun to have a sad boy!

Aaron & Devony said...

What fun! I love that you post so much! Way to go and keep it up! I am trying to be better at it! You'll be my role model! Your kiddos are cute! Hope Spence starts feeling better! I just read Tyler's mission car accident story and find it interesting that Aaron (who served in the same mission) also had an accident - he broke his leg while riding his bike. I think that mission is dangerous for missionaries!