Monday, June 9, 2008

FHE Campout

We had our friends John, Angela, Allison and Christian over for FHE. Since Father's day is Sunday we did a lesson on Fathers and then had a little camp out. Garret and Tyler were going to sleep in the tent but they only made it nine because it started to rain a little. Garret says that he will camp out another night. We love our fire pit and have had so much fun sharing it with friends!

As a little FHE activity the kids decorated ties for their Dads. It has been kind of a joke between Tyler and I that someday I would help the kids make ties. He used to say he would not wear them (he likes to wear sharp looking ties) but what do you know when Garret and Spencer made him a tie...he said he would wear it to church...and it is a real beauty!! (It is long and skinny, brown and it has glitter on it!)

Sorry this picture of the tie is not the best but my camera decided to die right before the good group shots so when I get them I will post them!

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Leah and Joe said...

The tie looks cool! I cant wait to see a close up of it! Bring it to Rexburg, then I can see it in THREE WEEKS!