Friday, June 13, 2008

A Good Deed

This morning we took our two sets of twins for a walk...we don't actually have two sets of twins but it looked like we did and everyone we saw commented on it.  (We were babysitting Ruby and Ella).  Anyway while we were out for our walk we stopped at a garage sale ( I am addicted), we sent Tyler to the bank to get money for us.  He was taking forever but it wasn't that big of a deal because it was a good garage sale and the lady running the show felt so bad for us (since we had so many kids) that she gave the two older kids some free stuff. When Tyler came back he said he wanted to show us why he was so slow.  Apparently a duck with twelve little tiny babies was trying to cross a very busy road.  Tyler showed the kids the ducks- they loved them, then he helped the ducks cross the road!!!  

Earlier this week we thought that Spencer might be sick.  I told Garret that we might have to take him to the doctor.  He said "Kandis went to the doctor she got a baby, Spencer get a baby too!"  

Today the boys and I filled up water balloons and waited for Tyler to get home and then ambushed him.  I even undid the hose so he wouldn't be able to get us.  Somehow I still ended up the wettest!  how does that work?


kristenita said...

you forgot rule number one!

rule #1:
never, ever, under any circumstances start a water fight with your husband. even if you think it is an ambush & there is no way you will lose the fight, YOU WILL END UP THE WETTEST. husbands always avenge a water attack.

Leah and Joe said...

Garrets hair looks so cute in the Fathers Day pictures! Looks like you guys have been having fun!