Friday, June 20, 2008

A last minute trip

Last night the phone rings and its my sister Steph (she is just older than me, lives in DC and tons of fun). She says "I'm at Seneca Lake and going to be in Palmyra tomorrow". Well Palmyra is a whole lot closer than DC so we pack up and head East. We went to the temple while the kids played with their "Huffalump" (Spencer didn't really play because he was not feeling well. Steph and Garret ran some races and Steph rolled her ankle (I know this is not a laughing matter- however it does look a little bit like she has a cankle now!). We went to the "chill and grill" for ice cream and played at the park.

It was so fun seeing family and going to the temple and nice for Tyler to have a break from studying for the boards (he takes them in five days). Here are a couple pics from our morning- Garret thought that the pole/tire thing was such a fun toy- poor Spencer was so lethargic all day that he and daddy took a break on the slide.
Other things we have been up to include studying for Tyler (lots of studying), book club for me (It gave me tons to think about), restless nights (I was sick one night- a crazy dream the next), two new teeth for Spencer and two more on the way, Tyler was released from Elder's Quorum (maybe they will call him to nursery!), Garret as usual is full of funny comments (see below!) and Spencer thinks he is so funny with this noise maker!Garret quote (they may bore you but they entertain me and I plan to tease him about some of these ones later!)
While doing laundry Garret grabs a bra, holds it up and says "I get bigger, I wear these all the time"
This morning when I woke him up and told him we were going to the temple-
Garret "Mommy and Daddy get married"
Me "No we are already married, we get to see Hufflump while we are there"
Garret"Hufflump get married"
Me"Hufflump is already married, too"
Garret "that's too bad"
Me- "it looks like a beautiful summer day today"
Garret- "its not summer"
Me-"sure it is"
Garret- "No its not summer"
Me- "why don't you think its summer"
Garret- "we fly on an airplane in the summer"
More to come!

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Leah and Joe said...

You got to see Steph! I am so jealous, I wish I just lived that close to all your fun!