Wednesday, July 2, 2008


After a very long plane/car ride we got to Rexburg at about 4 in the morning tuesday. The kids did really well on the flights. The flights were not full so we didn't have to have the kids on our lap (we would have preffered to have been bumped- but if you can't get bumped might as well have lots of room). Spencer and Garret decided they were too excited to sleep on the first flight. To make a long story short we survived it pretty well.

Once in Rexburg we got to see Tyler's parents, Sister Tia and her husband and son, his brother Trenton and my Sister Leah and her husband- as well as lots of friends from our good ole Rexburg days.

Tia and Michael's new baby Everett is so adorable. We have had so much fun seeing him. Garret even got t hold him. Seeing Tyler's parents reminded me of the first time we met them. Tyler and I had only been dating for a month and we pretended to be engaged. They totally fell for it! (I am sure it was all Tyler's idea he loves teasing his parents.) Well our first night here (aside from the one we spent traveling) we had a Rock Band party with some of our good friends the Phillips- we love them!


Debbie said...

I am glad that you made it safe and that all is well. But mostly I am glad that I am the first to leave a note on your blog. Love you tons, and I hope you have a great time there. Can't wait to see all of you !!

Love, Mom

Ann Marie said...

DUDE!! You're in Rexburg!! I'm totally still here!! How long will you be here?? It would be awesome to see you!! Let me know!!

Leah and Joe said...

Thanks for the great trip-I loved every minute of it! Rockband, birthday party prep, sleepovers, babysitting-everthing! It was so good to see all of you guys, and your boys are adorable! We love you and cant wait to spend more time with you in a couple of weeks! Love ya

Lindsey said...

It was a blast hanging with you all! I miss you guys already!