Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Tyler and I had a chance to go on a date today. We spent most of the time looking around at Rexburg reminiscing. We loved living in Rexburg. This is where we met, where we dated, where Tyler proposed, where we lived our first year and a half of marriage, where Garret was born. It has changed so much here, there is a temple, more restaurants, a water park and tons of apartments. Lots of the places that we used to go to were still here and the same. We ate at Fongs a yummy Chinese restaurant and went to Hogi Yogi where we went on our first date. We drove by the opinion center- they are hiring (always) and they advertised that it is a FUN ATMOSPHERE- I found that pretty funny because when I worked there I used to want to vomit whenever I walked through the doors ( I guess I was not cut out to be a telemarketer). We saw our old apartments and we even got to see some of our old friends.

So Cheesy!
The things we do to make money (the stories we could tell about this place)

We went to the nursing home and got to see some of our friends there (we served at the nursing home for a year and a half- we helped with their church and family night). It was really sad though because some of our old friends were so far gone and seemed so sad and in pain, and several of them had passed away. I am not excited for that part of getting old but I did enjoy making them happy.

The boys got to go to bear world while we were out. They had a great time! (Pictures to come!)

We spent the night eating dinner with Leah and Joe. She made us a very good dinner (her cooking skills have sure improved) and we played in the backyard some. It is so great spending time with family!

Playing with Uncle Joey

Spencer decided he likes corn on the cob

This picture is for Steph (she is preggers and has been craving this place- I wanted to send a sandwich)


steph said...

awwww...good ol millhollow. i'm so jealous that you're in rexburg!! i'm going on vacation there someday too. there's a water park now? that little town just never stops growing. i'm glad you guys had extra space on your flight. that's a life saver. and you survived getting there!! yay. have fun!!

Amy said...

AH! So jealous! I've been missing Rexburg lately and love to remember some of those same things that you posted here. Your boys are so adorable, by the way!

Aaron & Devony said...

I love this place too. When are you coming to Denver?