Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Coon Lake

My Grandparents used to live at Coon Lake. They were the caretakers of the church property there most of my younger years. We all have so many fun memories from there. I remember spying on girls camp and swimming in the lake, catching newts and reunions. This year we went back to the church property for our Beck reunion. It is a lot different but enough the same that the old memories came back. We had a great time with all the family that was there. The kids loved playing with all the other kids, we played games and had a pinata (just like we used to). Garret and some of his little friends were in the pretend bus and they were pretending to go places. It was so cute- they would push the radio then sing a song together. Yes, Tyler does have a lightening bolt on the side of his head!
We played on the lake for a couple hours after the reunion. We took the boats out and there was even one newt!!!
We had a hot dog roast and my Grandpa made his fabulous dutch oven dessert! We also were able to hear a few things from their younger years! Family is the best!

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Candi & Ezra said...

Coon Lake is sweet!! I can't believe your grandparents were the caretakers there, crazy. Ez and his dad used to go fishing there all the time. It was my first newt experience!