Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Times

This Saturday was so AWESOME! When I woke up in the morning I asked Tyler to get the boys and start making breakfast. He heard get up and take them to breakfast. So when I rolled out of bed a few minutes later thinking they were making breakfast they were all ready to go out. So I went too! It was really fun and yummy. There is something about restaurant pancakes that are so good! (I used to work with someone that sold food to restaurants-most restaurants pay about 30 cents a pancake and all they do is warm them up....that's another story....who cares how they get them they are delicious).
My little Garret boy loves the library so he and I made a quick trip there. He had fifty cents and wanted to buy a book (they have a whole section of books for sale). He was so cute because while we were at the library he said "I love going on dates with you" then he gave me a kiss and said "I give you lots of kisses while we are on our date". So cute!

Then we headed up to the beach. It was crazy busy there, but the water was warm and the kids were in good moods so it was perfect. We met up with friends there and just enjoyed the warm weather.

We were invited to a very radical eighties party Saturday night so we ran to the thrift store right after the beach. We were still in our swimsuits and wet. We found some pretty good finds. I really wanted some of the other dresses but they were two small or way over priced. We were pretty proud of our last minute digs. Tyler even sported the blue pants at church Sunday.
Josh was nice enough to watch our kids for us and so we went childless and in costume! It was a blast, we watched some of goonies, played games and visited with friends until midnight. (I was told I looked like the girl from napolean dynamite! Never seen it....pretty sure it wasn't a compliment). Garret thought my dress was a wedding dress and that it was beautiful. He told me when he gets married he is going to wear it. I asked him who he was going to marry. First he said "Dad" I told him he was taken. Then he said "Max". I told him Max was a boy. He settled for "Max's Mommy". We left it at that.

Glamour shots!

Here are a couple pictures of the kids playing Foosball with Tyler...I love Garret's face in the second one- this is where we were going when we encountered the not so nice man. Spencer loves things he can do everything Garret can now!


Debbie said...

I loved reading about your fun weekend. There was so much there to comment on. I think I will just have to call you tomorrow.

Love, Mom

P.S. I loved the picture of the boys playing together!!

steph said...

i can't believe that rude man!! especially considering the fact that all the teenagers in buffalo are constantly walking in the busy roads and making it impossible to drive!! i can't believe he confronted you like that. well i know for a fact that you're a great mom and if he had to push that stroller on the bumpy sidewalks, he just might sing a different tune.

Amber said...

What a fun weekend (with the exception of the over opinionated man)!

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

looks like such a fun party!! you guys always seem like you have a lot of fun.

kristenita said...

love your dress!!

that is gross about pancakes at restaurants just being warmed up! eeew! someone also told me that the apples in mcdonald's apple pies is really potatoes.

what? hopefully those things are both not true.

Alicia said...

What a fun day, you have such a darling family! I actually really like your dress! You look great in it! Oh, and that last picture of Garrett - so, so cute.