Friday, August 22, 2008

How Rude

Today I set out on my daily walk with my kids. I have been going faithfully everyday. Today we decided to walk to Tyler's school to visit him. My stroller is a very good stroller considering I paid ten dollars for it but it is far from being the top of the line. Not to mention that I have two hefty kids to push. So yeah, it can be a bit of a work out. The sidewalks around here are not the best. They are bumpy and lumpy and every time we come to a bump I have to put my foot on the back of the stroller and pop up the front of the stroller to get over it. When we are on the not so busy streets I walk on the side of the road- to make it a more enjoyable ride for my kids and walk for me.

Today while walking on an empty street, far off to the side- a car several hundred feet away lays on his horn for probably a good thirty seconds to a minute. Then the driver proceeds to yell and swear at me about not being on the sidewalk. Let me remind you the street was empty, it was early afternoon, we were walking where cars were allowed to park so its not as if we were in the way at all. I was feeling extremely flustered inside because I don't do well in these situations.

Then I run into the man at the hospital parking lot. He walks up to me all huffy and says/yells "why do you think you can just walk in the street". I very calmly explained about the bad sidewalks. He proceeded to tell me that I was a bad parent and was more concerned about bumps than my children. He ended with "What kind of a parent are you?"

I was so shocked I didn't even tell him what I thought. I just can't believe someone would judge me to be a negligent parent so quickly . I can't imagine being so rude to someone whether I knew them or not. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. Well enough venting.....


Dick&Erica said...

EW! That makes me mad too! I'll bet you thought of a hundred great comebacks afterwards. That's what always happens to me.

kristenita said...


what a jerk. maybe he was drunk & really felt like he almost hit you guys. I would have started crying. or at least when I got home I would have!!

Anthony and Kristie said...

Some people bug. I think you are a good mom and a good decision maker and those people should have just kept on driving and walking and kept their mouths shut.

brent and kashann said...

Reeediculos! I always stroll on the streets to avoid sidewalks also.

Yes, you are a Napolean's girlfriend look alike. Great costume!

Thank you for explaining the new pants. They definitely caught my eye on Sunday.

Cliff and Courtney's Family said...

UGH! Guys like that don't have a clue. It is so hard to brush something like that off. If he had no problem yelling at you i wonder what he is like at home! I always stroll my kids on the street because the sidewalks are never wide enough and tend to be harder to push. What a bum!