Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Weekend

Tyler has to start school for real tomorrow (he just had orientation this week). It was nice spending the weekend together. I know he will be very busy for a couple months. We went to the temple Saturday and then went to Canandaigua (I love this town, it is so cute and on the lake and it's beautiful there), we went to a favorite restraunt from Tyler's mission then we headed home on the backroads and stopped at all the little produce stands on the way. The primitive ones that you just pay in the can. The prices are great and the produce is fresh. We spent a few hours cutting and grating up produce together that night.
After we got home we got ready and went to Rick and Cindy's house. She had a few other families she has sold houses to over and we had a little bbq. We love them and love spending time with them. Some people are just good and they fit that category. Garret got to fly airplanes and Spencer was hilarious as soon as we got there he went into dog mode again. I think he remembered the mischeif he got in las ttime we were there.

Sunday was back to nursery for me. It went fairly smoothly considering our out of control numbers. I really love them all and am mostly anxious to split it so I can spend more quality time with them all.

This evening we went to Richard and Erica's for dinner (Cafe Rio & Creme brulee....mmmmm....good). The food was delicious and there house is so perfect for the kids. It was just a nice restful evening with friends.


Lindsey said...

I love all your blogs. Of course you would be part of my routine. Move to Portland!!!!!!

Debbie said...

As your mom, it is so good to know that you have so many wonderful people around you. And, what a nice weekend !!!
Love, mom