Thursday, September 4, 2008

He Walks

I have video of Spencer taking eight or so steps a couple months ago but he never really cared for it. This last week he has gone from walking when he was in the mood to walking most of the time. It's the cute wobble walk that makes you hold your breath and smile and laugh all at the same time. He has changed a lot recently and it's adorable. He loves blowing on my stomach, wrestling, getting into everything, trying to do whatever Garret does, dancing and playing.


Garret turns three in a month and I have been telling him he has to stop sucking on his fingers when he turns three. I know it will be good for his teeth and for him to stop but I think I am going to miss it as much as him. He has done it since he was around six months old and it's like his trademark. Why can't they just stay little?....

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Lindsey said...

YAY for walking! Yay for turning 3! Wow time really does fly!