Thursday, September 4, 2008

Night Out

In a couple weeks Garret is going to start going to a one hour a week class at the library (I think this will be good for him since he is never away from us even on Sunday). One of us will take him to his class and the other one will spend time with Spencer. We decided to start our one on one time early with the kids. I took Garret out to run errands tonight. We had so much fun and he called it a "doughnut date" because I got him a doughnut. He said "Thank you very much for taking me on a doughnut date" - so sweet. I did realize that if he had been adult some of the comments he made would not have gone over so smoothly.

For example- at aldi's he very excitedly said "Look Mom those two match" (It was a man and a woman that looked nothing alike except that they were both very overweight). Then when he saw a woman in a shirt that was little more than a bra, he loudly said "Why doesn't she have to wear a shirt?" (the woman turned around) I said "She is wearing a shirt", he said "That's a bra".

He was a very entertaining little date! I am very excited to spend one on one time with my kids. Spencer had a great time with his Dad. They played Doctor and read stories and was rocked and sung too.


Melanie said...

what cute boys you have! hey I put you on my "friends" list on my blog, hope thats OK!

Kristy E.B. said...

Garrett's comments crack me up! Isn't this such a fun age with all of the hilarious things they say...but at times such an exasperating age as well!