Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We decided to work on our "to do" list and headed to Toronto (or Ronto as Garret called it). Toronto was a lot less busy than I expected (maybe because it was a holiday), it was nice not having to worry about traffic. We got to be together and see a lot of the city. Here's how the day went....

We decided to eat breakfast at the St. Lawrence Market. So we parked and started hoofing it over there....it was closed. So we began making our way towards the Dundas/Yonge square (Yonge is the longest street in the world- just a bit of trivia). On the way we saw the world's tallest building (it is about to be the second tallest- I think there is one in India that is in the works that will be much taller),we stopped at a little Garden park (there were a lot of beautiful little parks there) and peaked inside an old episcopal church. I don't think I will ever be sick of looking at the beautiful architecture out here.

Dundas/Yonge square was pretty cool. We just kind of looked at all the stores- there were some huge shopping stores here. I think the sears was seven stories. We tried to go to the underground shopping district but the entrance we went to was closed so we skipped it. If we ever go again we will check it out. I guess its like 16 miles (maybe km) of underground shopping...so nice for winter.

Then we walked down to the ferry and took the little ferry to the islands. The kids loved the boat ride and the island was really awesome. Next time I will be more prepared. We didn't bring our swimsuits or lunch and food was so expensive there . We kept saying that someday we need to bring all our friends and spend the whole day there. It is like the all inclusive park- Frisbee golf, a maze, lots of beaches (even an optional clothing beach- we skipped that), a petting zoo, an amusement park (for little kids), boats, science building, lighthouse, trails, bike paths, baseball, tennis, volleyball, children's garden, children's theater, the spot where Babe Ruth hit his first professional home run and Toronto as a back drop. We only got to do a few of the things there but we had a lot of fun. The kids were exhausted by the end!

Then we drove around Chinatown and Little Italy. They were not too impressive but we went through them fast and may have missed the best part. We were so hungry by this point in the day that we wanted the perfect restaurant. We drove around looking for one (we had some serious trouble finding a good one), finally we settled on one and it was so disappointing. We talked about how gross it was forever...seriously sick. It was the worst end to a great day...next time we will pick better. I am so glad we went though, it was fun seeing it and just getting out!


Debbie said...

It really looked like you had a great day. I loved the picture of the "worn out" boys. But I have so many questions about Toronto that I guess I will have to give you a call.
Love you, Mom

Lindsey said...

You guys always do such fun things. YAY! Great pictures too!