Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tyler holds the TITLE

We went to the "Great Pumpkin Farm" on Saturday. We went last year and had fun so we decided to go back. Here is how it went-

The kids loved feeding the animals (they had lots of farm animals as well as some more exotic animals like camels), they did a little art project (always fun), then Garret was in the kids pie eating competition- He couldn't take the pressure and backed out (actually he just got scared with all the people he didn't know watching him...he says he will do it next year). Then we decided to take him to the little kids "boo barn". Spencer thought it was fun, Garret started crying saying "I don't like it". He was scared. Then every time we walked by the building he would say "I wish I not go in there...I don't like it in there". (It is a good thing we went in though because that was where Josh found his date...he even got a little fresh with her).

Then it was time for Tyler to redeem himself after last years second place finish in the pie eating competition. This year he not only won but he had some very proud fans. There was this "mullet man" (if you watch the very long video I think you can see him) who thought Tyler was so awesome. He was crazy. He started saying "TTT...Totally Terrific Tyler" then cheering and laughing. It was funny! Tyler says he won't compete next year but I have a feeling he will want to defend his title. Plus they give you twenty dollars to their store if you win. Here are the before and afters....and the long video (I don't think the video worked.

Then the guys went and ate from the BBQ cook off and I took Garret on a hayride. He loved one point you go under a covered bridge and it is decorated to look like Santa's workshop. He thought that was pretty neat. We saw jugglers and more animals and called it a day. The kids were so tired they went to bed before six and slept until seven thirty this morning.

Some other random things- Spencer has learned to dance and it is so cute. He does a little head bob. If you sing Nephi's courage he starts shaking his arms around in the air. Tyler got his bike. He has been wanting a road bike and so he sold some left over dental supplies and he got it! He was so funny waiting for it to come. He would listen for the cars to go by and perk up every time (I guess it's good that he was excited because it's his Christmas present!)


Debbie said...

What a FUN FUN FUN FUN Day !!!!

You guys always seem to have fun together.

Love, Mom

Johnny and Angela said...

Sounds like a blast. I've been practicing all year for the rematch ;) Guess you guys might have to make another trip.