Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here we go again

This morning I saw snow in the rain. The high is I turned the heat on. I hate turning it on because I know the big bills will come and it will be months before I turn it off again. Garret is excited for snow and I love the winter holidays. I am not excited for big bills, tons of socks to fold (everyone wore sandals all's nice not matching fifty white socks that are all slightly different), it is so much darker in the winter and I can't take the kids walking everyday. No use complaining because it is here either way!!! So here we go again!!!

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kristenita said...

yeah. I think fall is actually serious now. no more 60s or 70s days. dang! oh well - the holidays do make fall/winter so much better!

p.s. you haven't had to turn the heat on until today?