Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Munchkins

Spencer has started saying "wow" about everything and when he laughs he throws his head back in the air.  His vocabulary is pretty limited but it is picking up. He says wow, this, mom, dad, dog, moo, more, book and a few others. He also learned how to climb up on the kitchen chairs and couch.  He is a very busy little guy.  He loves to wrestle with Garret (until someone gets hurt).  He will run as fast as his little chubby legs will carry him and plow him over.  Garret thinks it is great and they really go at it.  

Garret was pretty funny saying his prayers tonight (and every night) it went something like this.  ".....thanks you for heaven a long time ago, and for Jesus Christ, thank you for my birthday, I want another one I want to be five and get a library card, thank you for my chair, my bed, my table, my toys, thanks you for my Mom and Dad I'm going to keep them forever...."

He also has been asking some rather interesting questions lately.  I am not sure if they are blog appropriate so quite reading now if you want.  He came up to me one day and said "Mom do you have a wiener?"  I explained a few things and he said "hmmmm....Spencer does and I do too".  He has been trying to figure out what it means to like one thing better than another.  He has been doing it with toys and food and everyday things but today he said "I like Dad better than you"  I told him that hurts my feelings but I was glad he loved his Dad.  Then he said "can I love you both" and I said of course.  He has so many little funny thoughts these days.  

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Kristy E.B. said...

Isn't it so crazy how fast our kids are growing up! It's so fun to hear all of the funny things they come up with! Hard to even remember what life was like before them, huh?