Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Good Learning Experience

Yesterday Garret was playing with a toy (it was just a dollar store toy---luckily) and he decided to break it. He looked right at me, then broke it. He felt really bad about it after. We talked about it and today he got to work for Kandis so he could earn a dollar to pay for it (I didn't want to pay him for a job at our house because I feel like jobs at home are just part of being in the family). I hope that he will learn to treat things nicely (he is normally really good) and I hope that if I am consistent in teaching him that he will realize that there are consequences for his actions. He was pretty proud of himself for "being accountable and trying to right his wrong". He is such a good boy and I want nothing but the best for him. Here he is cleaning the floor!!!


Anthony and Kristie said...

Good idea, you are a great mom.

Amy said...

Aw, what a sweet story! I always take mental notes of stuff like in my mental motherhood notebook! Thanks for being such a good example of teaching your children good principles.

Natalie said...

You are such a good mom! I am going to be coming to you for advice pretty soon because this parenting thing is starting to get hard.