Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grandpa Bob (you know the "Bob the Builder" one)!

My Dad came to visit! He got here Sunday afternoon a few hours before Tyler got home and was here through today (Tuesday) afternoon. Garret went with me to pick him up and he started saying "I don't remember what Grandpa Bob looks like" while we were waiting. Then all of the sudden he started squealing and laughing and jumping all at once....I guess he hadn't forgotten after all, because the next thing I knew he was hugging his Grandpa!

Garret and Grandpa built a bird house together. Garret loved this. The most entertaining part for me was when Garret went to put the top on he dropped it over the neighbors fence and so my Dad had to climb over three fences to get it and then back.
Sunday night we got our first real snow. It snowed a couple inches. I woke Garret up from sleeping when I saw it to show it to him (for the last month he has been putting on his snow clothes "just in case" so I knew he would be excited). He really didn't say much at night, but the next morning when he woke up and saw it he was so excited. He kept laughing and saying "it snowed" over and over. So they went out and played in it (there was not very much left at this point). It was fun watching them play in it. Garret has been checking to see if his snowman is still there and he always wants to hug and kiss it. Crazy kid.My handy man Dad also fixed the rocking chair, cleaned the sump pump and worked on some plumbing while he was here. The boys like to sit backwards on the rocking chair and pretend it is a horse, car or whatever they are in the mood for. I think that it was a pirate ship and the leaves were nets or something like that (its hard to keep straight).
Dad read Garret "the three billy goats gruff" and they spent hours (literally) acting the story out! They had so much fun playing with their Grandpa. We took Grandpa to Chuck E Cheese (his first time EVER).
It was so great having him here. The boys were both sad to see him go. Garret did his little lip quiver turn to sob sad face that melts your heart and said "I gonna be so so sad" and "I gonna miss you so much". We will all miss Grandpa!!!

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Marianne Thayne said...

I can see why those sweet boys would miss their grandpa. Those are the kind of visits you treasure forever! Great pictures.