Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

It has come and gone! Halloween was very fun this year, we ended up doing a lot for it (probably the most I have ever done for Halloween). Since I last posted we have done more Halloween art, gone to a ward Halloween party (they threw a carnival for the kids) and last night we went trick or treating. At the ward Halloween party Spencer kept wandering off and Garret kind of chickened out and didn't want to do much. Tyler won the pie eating contest! I wore Tyler's scrubs and was a dental student and Tyler was a super hero (Mr. Mom). We weren't very creative. We were told the haunted house was too scary for Garret (I am sure it would have been he got scared watching the cartoon version of "how the Grinch stole Christmas"). Everyone had a good time!

Garret and Spencer both loved trick or treating. Spencer even started knocking and saying "boo". By the time we got to our friends house in Lancaster Spencer was done trick or treating and just sat down and started eating. He was perfectly content just sitting eating candy while Tyler took Garret around to a few more houses. Garret enjoyed flying in his duck costume and he was so excited because last night I painted his face yellow!


Debbie said...

I am so glad to see that you all had so much fun !!! The big question is: Just how many pie eating contests has Tyler been in in the last year. That man loves his pie-and boy can he eat !!
The kids looked great.

Love, Mom

kristen said...

looks like a cool ward party!
why didn't you guys go as "peace & quiet" again?

and the boys' costumes are SO cute!!

Alicia said...

How fun! Your kids are so cute. Oh, and by the way, I can't believe you can still stay up until 2:30am (from your last post). I can't make it past 10:30 anymore (seriously!). You're awesome!

Marianne Thayne said...

Awesome costumes. Glad to see you and Tyler got into it as well. I love the picture of the duck from the back. You guys are the cutest family. Keep on writing and thanks for letting me read!
Aunt Marianne

Tia Saxton said...

Did you guys have enough peace and quite for one night?! ha ha but really what happened to your other costumes. Well you still looked good anyway. I'm glad my two little birdies had a fun Halloween. Miss you all!

Tyler you know I could have beat you at the pie eating contest if I were there!

Sarah said...

I love your boys' costumes!! Super cute!

Debbie said...

What a cute little duck & chicken...It looks & sounds like they had a fun Halloween...
Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Trenton