Friday, November 21, 2008

Is this normal?

Garret is obsessed with death.  Not in a morbid creepy way but he is constantly asking me about it.  Here are some examples-

I gave Garret his blanket back after it had been washed.  He hugged it and said "I missed you so much, I won't die for a long time cause then you would miss me too much".

In the car-
Garret- Mom I gonna miss you so much when you die
Me- I am not going to die for a long time so you don't need to worry about that
Garret-I don't ever want to get old and die

He pretends his animals die so they can go and be with Heavenly Father.

He is always reminding me to drive careful so we "don't die like the mouse on the road by Grandma's house".

He will ask me when he is going to die and go to Heaven, when Spencer is, when his friends are.

In the kitchen-
Garret- "I don't wanna die"
Me- "You are not going to die for a very long time, so don't worry about it"
Garret- "I never want to die because the bad Lamenites are there and they will kill me"

Garret- "When do we come back from Heaven?"

When he sees an old person or an old truck or anything old he will ask "when is that going to die?"  (sometimes he does not say this for just me to hear).  

Once when we drove by the graveyard he said "look people are going to the cemetery, they are going  to die"

He is also a bit obsessed with killing.  He has never seen shows with killing in them and we don't read violent books but he will look through the children's scriptures until he comes to some violent picture and ask me all about it.  

It doesn't really worry me or weird me out-  I just wish I could ease his  mind about it so he didn't worry so much.  I explain it to him and he seems to grasp it, at least as much as his three year old mind can.  It is just obvious that it is something he thinks about because he brings it up and asks so many questions.   I guess we will have to have another family home evening on the plan of salvation!

In other news, my kids were purely evil today and I am not sure why.  They were so grumpy and kept fighting and screaming (Spencer needs to get some new words).  He can be so cute one minute and super grumpy the next. ( I hope they are not getting sick).  Spencer is changing all the time, he is getting more words ( I am sure we are the only people that would call them words) and he understands so much.  When we ask him about body parts he will point to them, he throws his diapers away, makes animal sounds (some of them), loves pretending to be a doggy.  He definitely is a feisty one.  I really hope that as his vocabulary grows his frustration level will go down and he will mellow out a little.  I remember this being a harder stage with Garret too.  It's nice with number two because you know that stages come and go.  I love that the two of them play together so well now.  They really love each other.  Garret is so quick to take care of him and Spencer will try anything that Garret does.  

Even on days like today when they are so ornery - I just love them!

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Lindsey said...

Well, in my professional opinion I think it is normal for children to go through curiosity stages of wondering about the unknown. Maybe he heard something about death or isn't quite sure what exactly that means. You are right, plan of salvation family home evening baby!!! Love Ya!