Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mommy and Me

Garret and I are holding down the fort while Tyler and Spencer are in Colorado (they went to see Trenton in a play....I will have to post about that when they get back). I debated whether I should try and be really productive while they were gone or just have fun. It would have been the perfect time to deep clean my house ... but we ended up just playing. It has been so fun playing with Garret (don't get me wrong- I do miss Spence and Tyler). When we dropped them off at the airport Garret got pretty sad. Sad he wasn't going on an airplane, sad because he was going to miss his "best buddy Spence" and his Daddy. So last night we used some of our free Wendy's coupons and went and got Frostys. He got over being sad pretty quick and started making plans of all the things we were going to do together. He wanted to "tickle and jump and run and play games...etc". So we started doing those things and more.
Up until last night Garret had only ever spent one entire night in my bed (it was on vacation when he was like 9 months old, he does snuggle in bed with me in the morning sometimes). So we had a sleep over last night. It was so funny- he talked in his sleep all night long. Every time he rolled over he said something. Once he said "where is my daddy, where is my daddy?" I was sure he was awake...nope. Another time he reached both arms in the air and said "I want that, I want that". I didn't really sleep that good but I was quite entertained.

I felt rather sick (probably another cold picked up in nursery) in the morning and took advantage of the fact that I didn't have a baby here and popped in a movie for Garret and went back to bed. This is not like me at all and it was AWESOME!!! Then we went to the library. Garret wanted to buy a book!

Then we went to Target to kill some time. Halloween stuff happened to be marked down 90%! So I bought the kids Halloween costumes for next year. I got them both the horse one so they will be little cowboys! Garret loves it and doesn't want to put it away. They started at 29.00 and I got them for less than 3!!! I also bought ninja ones...hey they were only 90 cents!!! I love a good bargain!

Then Garret and I went to IHOP and split an order of pancakes. Tyler doesn't believe in spending money on bread (that is what he tells me when I suggest a pancake restaurant). Plus it was fun going out with Garret and the waitress kept calling him my date and he thought that was so fun.

Finally we headed to the cheap theater to see Wall-E. I slept watched it- Garret zombie watched it. He told me he loved it!
Then we went to flea market where he talked me into buying a melon and a pineapple!!! Once we got home we played games and then he went to my we go again.

Today I remembered how much easier it is doing things with just one kid in tow. It was a super fun day and hopefully one Garret will remember for a long time. We would have loved going to Colorado with Tyler and Spence but at least we enjoyed our day together.

This is just a cute picture of Garret with his little budy Hayden!


Josh Kandis & Hayden said...

You are such a fun Mom! I'm sure Garret will remember this mommy date forever.

Aaron and Devony said...

That's awesome! We're still waiting for our Halloween clearance to go 90%, so hopefully it will soon! Yay for fun days!

Leah and Joe said...

Looks like such a fun day, Cant wait till I have my own!
I told Joe that you got a bat costume and he thought it was going to be a baseball bat!