Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spencer by Garret

A couple weeks ago Garret drew his first "real" picture. Up until this point he has just scribbled. Now he takes his time and can tell me what he is drawing (a lot of times I would not know what they are if he didn't tell me). I remember once I listened to him while he drew and he said "here's Daddy's head, and eyes, ears....oh and a belly button". Here is one of Spencer-
We made cookies the other day and couldn't resist the bowl.
Babysitting has never been so easy. My kids are so curious about babies. They would bring him toys, sing songs, tell me he was hungry! Maybe I could manage three....hmmmm....let me think about that....maybe in a year or two....Spence is is still my baby!

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steph said...

maybe it's time for a baby. :) jk. garret's pic is so cute.