Friday, November 7, 2008

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Garret is funny as ever-

Garret- "When you get big and me and Spency get big we are going to have a lot of daddy's in our house"

Me- "Eat your dinner so you can get big and strong"
Garret- "I eat my dinner I wake up and be a daddy"

Me- "Garret I love you"
Garret- "I love you too"
Me- "Come give me a big Garret boy hug and kiss"
Garret- "Just don't kiss me like Mommy's and Daddy's do"

Garret- "Someday I gonna turn four then five"
Me- "yep...what happens then"
Garret- "I get a library card, go to school and be a daddy"

Kandis- "When is your Mommy going to have another baby?"
Garret- "We have a baby"
Kandis- "Spencer is getting bigger"
Garret- "He's a baby he still poops in his diaper"
Kandis- "So you can't have another baby until Spencer goes on the potty"
Garret- "yep"
(we are not pregnant nor are we trying to get pregnant...just so you know)

Garret- "When you gonna go to the doctor and bring home a baby?"

I wish I could remember all of the funny things he says. I am constantly amused. He also says "huh" a lot and that drives me crazy (hopefully that is a phase). The boys are wearing me out lately. Spencer is in a bit of a screaming stage. He is a stubborn little guy and when he doesn't want something or does want something he lets us know. It will be nice when he has words to use. His vocabulary is growing but it's still pretty limited. I remember with Garret it felt like he barely knew any words then all of the sudden it clicked that he could mimic whatever we said so hopefully it will click for Spencer soon.

I hosted book club at my house last night. It was really fun. We read "The secret life of bees" (now I have to see the movie). I really liked the book. I got a little tired of the black Madonna and felt like there were a few parts that drug on a bit but overall it was so good. It deals with relationships and love and race and a lot of deep issues and entertains at the same time. I would love to go and see the south someday. I have read a lot of southern novels and I would love to go there and get a better feel for the culture.

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Marianne Thayne said...

I love your post today. Kids are so cute and say the cutest things.