Friday, December 26, 2008


Tyler and I were so excited for Christmas morning. Tyler woke up before me but we were both up before the boys. We sang Christmas songs to wake them up. Little Spence was still pretty tired.

Everyone had fun opening presents. The boys loved all of their gifts. Garret even thanked Santa Claus in his prayers. They would open a present start playing with it and have to be coaxed into opening another one. Then they would play with the new toy. It was fine with us though because it made it last longer. We actually took a break to eat our orange roll breakfast (I did it in a bunt pan this year).

Everyone got a little spoiled this year. I try to only give my kids things on special occasions. So when I find a good deal at the store or a garage sale I just put it away. I went down and looked before Christmas and realized I had found a lot of good deals this year!!!

Later in the day we took the kids to a movie. We went to Bolt. It was fun going together but not as relaxing an experience as it is when it's just Tyler and I.Then we delivered some boxes to the homeless shelter. Garret was so cute. On the way home he said "we gotta sing, because I have been given much". It was a wonderful, wonderful day!!! I am so thankful for the family I have. We never get tired of being together and everything is always more fun when we are together. I so very very grateful for Jesus Christ. We love the silly traditions that go with Christmas but the greatest part of it all is that Jesus was born and lived.

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Debbie said...

-I want one of those Spencer Hugs!
-Everyone looks like they are having fun
-The orange rolls/pull aparts look so good

Looks like a great day !!

Love you all, Mom