Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun Times

Thursday we celebrated Jackson's birthday! He turned one and it is always fun watching the one year olds enjoy their cake! Amber made great enchiladas (I still need that recipe)! It was a great night out. Later that night the missionaries taught a discussion at our house and we love having them in our home. I love that my kids love them already- Garret had the hardest time going to bed knowing they were over!

Friday we went to Allison's beach birthday party. Garret loved it!!! Angela made the cutest cakes. Garret adores Allison and had so much fun celebrating with her. He even got a bubble wand from the party, which he loves and thinks is extra special because it was from Allison.
Today we took the kids to the zoo- always a good time!!! There are a couple pictures from the park as well. We finally found a park that is within walking distances of our house!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lots of babies!!!

They are growing up so fast! Here are a few of the dental student babies...I had to put this one because Spencer fell over in the other one and you can hardly tell he is there!

Garret (2 1/2), Ella (2), Chase (18 months), Cohen (15 months), Crew (13 months), Spencer (if you look close you can see his leg and his ear! 11 months), Ruby (8 months), Jacob (5 months) and Marcus (2 months)- Those ages may not be exact but as you can see there has been a steady increase- they are all such good friends!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Today makes me think of how much I love life. I love the ups and I love the downs. I love how I feel when I look at my wife and kids and I know that I get to be with them forever. I know this is already starting to sound pretty mushy, so if you have a weak stomach you might want to stop right now. I am amazed by how many things just seem to amaze me. Like the way my hands smell after I have just peeled an orange or the way my kids look at night when they are sound asleep or the way that I can never get enough of Michael Scott from The Office (I love you Michael). Yeah, I know life just isn't, what do they call it, peaches and cream (which I don't even really like), but when it comes down to it, the fact that we get to participate in this thing we call life, well, that's pretty great.

So to the point, seven years ago today I got in an accident. Now I am writing this more for me then anyone, because I don't want to forget what it was like. I was on my mission and I was serving in Rochester, NY. I was at a Memorial day picnic in the city at the church building we met at. It was mid afternoon and I had just got done eating some BBQ chicken. Some of the kids at the party asked me to play catch with them, and since I am a sucker for baseball I went for it. We were playing in the parking lot and one of the kids threw the ball out into the road. I went and got the ball and somehow (this part has always puzzled me, and I don't remember it, so I guess I will never know exactly how it happened) as I came back a van came up on the side walk and hit me. I flew backwards into the street and the van proceeded to hit me again, running me over and dragging me underneath for about 30 feet. The van hit the curb on the other side of the street and I popped out from underneath. I don't say this a lot, but I know that angels were watching out for me. They loved me and they were there to protect me. There is no other way to explain how I lived. A large van (we're talking full sized, no stinken mini-van) laid me out. Now for those of you who know me know I am no where near being a tough guy, I'm not even a semi-tough guy. For all intensive purposes I should have died seven years ago today, but I didn't. It's weird to think about it. Not being alive. There are so many wonderful things that I would have missed out on. I would have never been able to see my children born or marry the women I love with all my heart or met all of the incredible people that I have met since that day. A shout out to my friends, you all know who you are (pretty much if you didn't make it this far you are not a true friend and we shall never speak again from this point on, so congratulations friend). Thanks for making life fun.

I guess when it comes down to it, each day we have is a gift. Now whether I forget that most days (which I do), doesn't make it untrue. So Memorial day for me, on top of being a great day to remember those who have sacrificed so much for my freedom, is a great day to remember how precious and fragile life is. I hope that I can remember that more often this year, and in doing so have an all around better time with life and all that comes with it.

Hope I didn't drown you in to much fluffy talk (I don't really know what else to call it), I just thought I would throw that out there for myself in future years, and who ever else felt like hearing it. Peace out, and don't forget to laugh at yourself daily.


Memorial Weekend

We had so much fun this weekend...and I didn't get a single picture.

Friday we went to a goodbye BBQ for some friends in the ward. They graduated and are moving to Texas. I can't believe it will be us in two years...well not the Texas part!

Saturday we walked (it took like and hour but it was fun) to Garret's friend Ella's birthday party. (if he was sixteen he would love to call her his girlfriend and we would be fine with it too because Ella is not a fan of Garret's advances!) Erica did an awesome job, it was so fun. It was a carnival theme and the kids were in heaven. There was carnival food, a bounce house and fun little goody bags. It really was a great time.

Sunday was church as usual. I am enjoying my calling more and more. The kids seem to enjoy me which is a relief (I make a pretty good fool of myself in there so it's nice that the little people enjoy it).

Monday was a nice family day. We played baseball. Then went to a BBQ at Alanna's house (there new house is SO nice). The food was so yummy and the company was fantastic. I may have to get brave and try cooking ribs myself someday! Then we topped the day off by having some neighbors over for s'mores. Our kids were so dirty and gross and tired by the end of the day!

A couple quick kiddo updates-

Spencer is a mover. He is such a wiggler and he pulls himself up on everything! I miss the good ole days of setting him on the rug and knowing he wasn't going anywhere! He is so fun, his smile is adorable, I just love it! He has gotten pretty snuggly lately, it started when he was sick and I guess he decided he liked it because he is always wiggling over to me and wanting me to hold him close and cuddle him! He is crazy about Garret, they are really starting to play together- just little things like rolling the ball back and forth but its cute. Garret is very protective of Spencer and always looking out for him (he likes to tattle tell on him as well).

I LOVE Garret's age right now. I would keep him this age forever! He is so fun, so easy and so cute. He wants to help with everything, discipline has gotten easy (I know it will probably change when I post this), he is so excited about life and learning.

Some of my favorite Garret conversations lately-

Garret-(carrying the children's scriptures) "Teach me bout Adam and Eve"

Garret-"Talk about it some more...please.....teach me"

Garret- (after eating Sarah's homemade ice cream sandwich's) "These are Delicious"

Me- "Garret will you grab me a diaper please?"
Garret- "I busy sitting here right now"
Me- "Just grab me a diaper please"
Garret- "I need my ties, just a minute....ok?"

Garret- (referring to his blanket that he loves that has ties) "I miss my blanket, I need my blanky, tickle my nose....I miss it sooo much"

Me- "Did you have any dreams last night?"
Garret- "I dream bout a boat"
Me- "A boat!"
Garret- "Grandpa take me on a boat this summer...ok"

Garret- "You best girl whole world"

Garret- "When Spency big, we play all the time"

I told Garret when he turns three he has to stop sucking his fingers and carrying his blanket around (he just has it at home but he sucks his fingers when he has it).

Me- "You are getting so big"
Garret- "I not big yet...I big when I more blanky...I no more suck my fingers"

At a bbq I told him just one cookie

One of Tyler's friends "do you want a cookie"
Garret- "I already have one, I not have anymore"
Tyler- "It's ok you can have one"
Garret (crying)- "I already have one, I not have anymore"

Basically everything he says is so cute!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I tried so hard

Between being a dental student and the way gas prices are our budget is a little tight. I decided it was time for me to bring in a little cash. The problem is I stay home with the kids, I am not ready to do anything "questionable" and I am not crafty. Therefore my only hope was ... I am a little embarrassed to admit it...oh goes...the radio. That's right I sat home and listened to the radio everyday for an hour trying to win the "pick your pump" contest. You either won shoes or gas money...duh....gas money! I even had the number all ready so I just had to hit redial (I don't know how my Mom used to win...all I ever got was a busy signal...then nothing...not sure what I did wrong). It was a sad day my contest ended and I didn't win...and it was not even all my fault- I hold my sister Leah, my Mom and my boys partially responsible. They interrupted me and how can I be the 9th caller if I am distracted? I kept hoping I would be able to post about my gas certificate it never happened....maybe next time!

Anyone have any suggestions of other ways I could bring in a little green?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sometimes they are just so GROSS

Sweet little Spencer looked up at me this morning and I noticed something was in his mouth. Not wanting him to swallow whatever it was I reached in and grabbed a hold of it. Then I pulled and I pulled and I pulled and I am not even joking a HUGE wad of hair came out and it was wet and dirty (at this point I started dry heaving- it was that sick). The whole while my cute little guy is smiling and laughing. (At this point you are thinking my house must be super dirty- it's not...he just crawls over to our couch then reaches his little arm way under and grabs for whatever he can find then promptly puts it in his mouth- I vacuum and vacuum but it's not easy getting under our couch its really low and I think since we have wood floors everything migrates to one spot and Spencer has found it). I don't know how to break this habit.

So that is just one of the reasons Spencer is a little on the gross side. Next reason...he still spits up a lot and if I don't catch him he plays in it....SICK.

Garret has outgrown some of his baby grossness! However he still has some of his own....we are working on the "no nose picking thing"....he was sick on Monday and I got to clean up the throw up...not his fault of course but still SICK.

Now here is the crazy part...I really don't mind there grossness...they are just the cutest little things. Tyler and I are amazed at some of the things we willingly do for them!!! But there are definitely some habits we will not be sad when they outgrow!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Kandis's Shower

Saturday I helped throw a baby shower for my friend Kandis. I am so excited for her little one to get here!!!

Garret spent some of his time under the table with Crew (they are hiding from Pirates- I never realized we had a pirate problem until Garret turned two!)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Everytime I think I am safe

Today I went to see the dentist (Tyler). He was so professional and had me critique him and it was actually fun going to see the dentist (although I do have a cavity I have to go in and get fixed up soon-one of the Doctors told me I should just wait and set myself up to be his boards patient...she even suggested sleeping with Swedish fish next to my teeth so I would have more to work with...not a bad idea if it helps him pass the boards!)
Anyway while I was off at the dentist the kids were at the Uries. They were nice enough to let them come over. I went to go pick them up and said they were pretty good (always makes me happy to hear they didn't color on any walls, get in fist fights etc). However she said she noticed a smell and realized it was GARRET...WHAT! Garret has been flawless with going on the potty. He does so well....until I leave him with someone. It is like he is incapable of telling someone else he has to go. It was sick...I didn't even bring extra anything for him because he has been doing so well. At our house he has started taking care of his business all himself...but at other friends houses he has more trouble. Does it ever officially end...I would love to be able to say "Garret is potty trained" and leave out the but he struggles when left with a babysitter part. I guess I should just be glad I don't have to buy diapers for him anymore, he never wets night or day, he does his number twos in the potty....except when I am not there....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

This year for Mother's Day Tyler and the boys made me breakfast and dinner and they were all just as nice as can be to me. I got lots of hugs and kisses from my favorite three guys. Then Tyler gave me my big present!!! Monday he said was to be a day off from everything and lived up to it. He cleaned the whole house, I went out shopping, lunch at the cheesecake factory and to the spa and he cooked me dinner. It was so great!!! The best part was coming home and seeing how excited they were to have me home again. I love being a Mom. I love my boys so much. We love our Moms too. Families are the greatest!!!

Akron Falls

We spent Saturday morning at Akron falls park. It is a really nice park with little trails and a million playgrounds for kids and a river with a waterfall. We had such a good time and Tyler started breaking in his new hiking boots for his big hike!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

One of my biggest fears

One of my biggest fears is to get to the end of my life and have it full of regrets. I am worried I will wish I had done things different if given the chance. The thought of being one of those old ladies that sits around and is miserable because of choices I made is way worse then the thought of spiders, snakes, even heights (and I am deathly scared of heights).
My conference Ensign just came and my favorite talk was "Daughter's of God" by Elder Ballard. I love this talk. In it he quotes Anna Quindlen who talks about how she looked at a picture of her kids and wishes she could remember more about that day. She wishes she had not been so busy getting from one thing to the next. She wished she had "treasured the doing a little more and the getting it done a little less." I think if I can do that in my life I will have very few regrets. If I can just relax and enjoy each step of this journey then even though in the end I will be sad it went by so fast I will be glad I embraced it while I had it.
Tomorrow is Mother's day and I am so thankful for my two beautiful boys. They have taught me so much, they bring me such joy- I wish I could just hold them, snuggle them, play with them forever. I hope I can remember to enjoy each moment, to enjoy doing laundry with them rather then telling them I don't want their help because it is faster doing it myself, I hope I will read all of the book to Garret even though I am so sick of reading and he doesn't know I am skipping pages....etc . I want to be the best Mom to my kids as I can be. I think I have a long way to go...but I am trying...and I really love it...and everyday I wake up eager to see my little guys faces!

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Stress Free Day

Tyler finished his semester yesterday (Great Job Tyler!). Spring extension starts up again next week. This weekend he doesn't have to think about school at all! He took Garret golfing this morning(they both had a great time), we went to a dental school picnic in the afternoon(it was the perfect day to get outside and everyone seemed so relaxed!) and finished the day off by working on our garden(Garret actually helped pull weeds- he said he loves weeding the garden-I am so glad because that is my least favorite part of gardening). Spencer got into sitting three times today all by himself and he took two steps all on his own! Oh and just so you know I did not even realize that all my boys were matching until someone said something (Tyler got them dressed!)

Monday, May 5, 2008

This and That

Spencer likes swings (we finally found this out, it took forever for the swings to be put up after winter)

Friday some of us girls went to the temple, it was fun sharing the experience with people I love.

Saturday we joined Erica for a little adventure and to make a long story short where we were did not have bathrooms. Garret had to go number 2 so I took him behind a tree and had him go. When he finished up he got all excited and proudly exclaimed "I pooped like a skunk". Unfortunately later when he had to go again he went while going down the slide (it was sick- it was so sad because it has been weeks since he had an accident)

Sunday we shared a very yummy dinner with some friends! (Thanks Sarah- she is an amazing cook!)

Here are a few pictures from Tyler's birthday I didn't post.

I think somebody is going to like their birthday cake!

Before going out for our anniversary (aren't we a cute couple?)Finals are over this week! I don't think spring extension will be as bad so just four more days without Tyler then we get him back!!!