Sunday, June 29, 2008


Spencer turns one on Saturday. Since we are going to be out of town on his birthday we let him open his presents early (we didn't want to take them with us!) He really enjoyed it- so did Garret. I can not believe Spencer is almost one, it has gone by so fast- yet I can't imagine life without him. He is such a fun little guy. He makes so many funny faces, he loves playing with his brother, he is learning new words (he says mamma and dadda, dog, this and he has a few others that he is working on), he likes to snuggle, read and be tickled. He loves soft blankets and animals. He hates having things taken away from him! I don't know what his stats are (and I won't until we get back) but when I put him on the scale he is around 24-25 pounds so he is a fairly sturdy little guy. We are excited to share his birthday with family and friends in Rexburg!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Summer Days!

We spent Friday mini-golfing and with our good friends Rick and Cindy. Garret had funnyy mini golfing, he would try really hard to get it in and then finally pick the ball up and put it in the hole and start cheering for himself. Spencer thought he was a dog while we were at Rick and Cindy's house. It was so funny he was picking the toys up with his mouth and even drank the dog water (gross I know but it was so cute we couldn't help but laugh). We leave for our vacation on Monday and are trying to get in as much summer here as we can before we leave. I think Buffalo summers are SO fun - part of me is really sad that we are going to miss it. All our friends are off of school so everyone keeps busy playing, the weather is nice, there are a million festivals and concerts to go to, beaches to swim at, free movies and plays to go to- we really live in a great place. We will miss being here but are very excited to see our families!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

He took the test

Tyler took the boards on Wednesday! He has no idea how he did and we won't know until we get back because they come in the mail. But they are over and that is all that really matters! I am sure he did great and I am so proud of him. He put so much time into them and I know he did the best he could. Tyler is a free man for a few weeks now. We hit up the zoo dinner Wednesday night and the beach today.

Monday, June 23, 2008

"I still love you"

My little Garret has been so much trouble lately. I would say that overall he is a really easy kid but the last couple days he has not felt like listening to me. I don't know if it has something to do with the fact that Spencer has been sick so we have been at home a lot and I have been busy with Spencer or if it is a new stage- I hope its the first.

I put him in time out today and when I went to talk to him he looked me in the eyes and said "Mom, I still love you". I love him so much which is why it is so frustrating for me when he is being trouble. I want to just play with him and hug him and have fun with him, but instead I feel like I spend all my energy saying "Garret, we don't do that, was that a good choice". Hopefully he gets it all out of his system before we leave on vacation in a week.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A last minute trip

Last night the phone rings and its my sister Steph (she is just older than me, lives in DC and tons of fun). She says "I'm at Seneca Lake and going to be in Palmyra tomorrow". Well Palmyra is a whole lot closer than DC so we pack up and head East. We went to the temple while the kids played with their "Huffalump" (Spencer didn't really play because he was not feeling well. Steph and Garret ran some races and Steph rolled her ankle (I know this is not a laughing matter- however it does look a little bit like she has a cankle now!). We went to the "chill and grill" for ice cream and played at the park.

It was so fun seeing family and going to the temple and nice for Tyler to have a break from studying for the boards (he takes them in five days). Here are a couple pics from our morning- Garret thought that the pole/tire thing was such a fun toy- poor Spencer was so lethargic all day that he and daddy took a break on the slide.
Other things we have been up to include studying for Tyler (lots of studying), book club for me (It gave me tons to think about), restless nights (I was sick one night- a crazy dream the next), two new teeth for Spencer and two more on the way, Tyler was released from Elder's Quorum (maybe they will call him to nursery!), Garret as usual is full of funny comments (see below!) and Spencer thinks he is so funny with this noise maker!Garret quote (they may bore you but they entertain me and I plan to tease him about some of these ones later!)
While doing laundry Garret grabs a bra, holds it up and says "I get bigger, I wear these all the time"
This morning when I woke him up and told him we were going to the temple-
Garret "Mommy and Daddy get married"
Me "No we are already married, we get to see Hufflump while we are there"
Garret"Hufflump get married"
Me"Hufflump is already married, too"
Garret "that's too bad"
Me- "it looks like a beautiful summer day today"
Garret- "its not summer"
Me-"sure it is"
Garret- "No its not summer"
Me- "why don't you think its summer"
Garret- "we fly on an airplane in the summer"
More to come!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! Tyler is such a great Dad. Every time I see him with our boys it melts my heart. I love that he plays with them, takes time to teach them, and is a good example for them. The boys love him so much. He really is their hero. I hope they always try to be like their Daddy.
Tyler wore his new tie to church today! (I knew he would!) Then Garret decided he needed a tie too- he wants to be just like Dad. We made Tyler breakfast and have plans to cater to him all day. We love him so much!

We are so thankful for our Fathers and the lessons they taught us. We would not be the people that we are if it were not for them. Happy Father's Day to our Dads. Thank you for everything!

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Good Deed

This morning we took our two sets of twins for a walk...we don't actually have two sets of twins but it looked like we did and everyone we saw commented on it.  (We were babysitting Ruby and Ella).  Anyway while we were out for our walk we stopped at a garage sale ( I am addicted), we sent Tyler to the bank to get money for us.  He was taking forever but it wasn't that big of a deal because it was a good garage sale and the lady running the show felt so bad for us (since we had so many kids) that she gave the two older kids some free stuff. When Tyler came back he said he wanted to show us why he was so slow.  Apparently a duck with twelve little tiny babies was trying to cross a very busy road.  Tyler showed the kids the ducks- they loved them, then he helped the ducks cross the road!!!  

Earlier this week we thought that Spencer might be sick.  I told Garret that we might have to take him to the doctor.  He said "Kandis went to the doctor she got a baby, Spencer get a baby too!"  

Today the boys and I filled up water balloons and waited for Tyler to get home and then ambushed him.  I even undid the hose so he wouldn't be able to get us.  Somehow I still ended up the wettest!  how does that work?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Date Night....with the kids!

Yesterday we had big plans to go to the Trisha Yearwood concert (it was free at Artpark). Then it started raining so we thought it might not happen. Garret was so sad so we went out and played in the puddles and he loved that. The weather was so crazy yesterday that within a half hour of the downpour it was sunny. We got ready and headed up north to Lewiston. We ate dinner at "the silo" restaurant. It is kind of on a cliff overlooking the water it was a beautiful view (and we had a coupon) so could it get any better? would have been way better if Spencer had not been screaming. Spencer has been going through something lately. I hope it is just his teeth coming in (poor baby has had swollen gums for so long now). Spencer had a hard time off and on the whole night and we kept wishing we had tried harder to find a babysitter (Pretty sure no one would have wanted to babysit crazy little Spencer last night). After dinner we went to the concert. Artpark is really cool. There were SO many people there! We thought the person that opened the show did a really good job and Garret got to see the Buffalo Bison's mascot again and he was so excited about that (he also enjoyed playing in the rocks). We only got to stay for the first few songs of Trisha Yearwood because Spencer had had enough. I would definitely recommend artparks free Tuesday concert to anyone it was a fun night out.

This little one could not decide if he wanted to be happy or sad!

My Little Cowboy!

I think Tyler looks pretty good as a Cowboy!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Milestone

Before I forget I wanted to write down that at 11 months old Spencer started crawling on hands and knees. He still does the army crawl most of the time but can do both now. He also walks along the furniture and can balance standing for a few seconds!

Monday, June 9, 2008

FHE Campout

We had our friends John, Angela, Allison and Christian over for FHE. Since Father's day is Sunday we did a lesson on Fathers and then had a little camp out. Garret and Tyler were going to sleep in the tent but they only made it nine because it started to rain a little. Garret says that he will camp out another night. We love our fire pit and have had so much fun sharing it with friends!

As a little FHE activity the kids decorated ties for their Dads. It has been kind of a joke between Tyler and I that someday I would help the kids make ties. He used to say he would not wear them (he likes to wear sharp looking ties) but what do you know when Garret and Spencer made him a tie...he said he would wear it to church...and it is a real beauty!! (It is long and skinny, brown and it has glitter on it!)

Sorry this picture of the tie is not the best but my camera decided to die right before the good group shots so when I get them I will post them!

Everett Michael

Look at our cute new nephew!!! He was born this morning at 8:15. He was 9 pounds 2 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long!!! We can't wait to meet him!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Did I just witness a miracle?

Today my friend Kandis came over and said she thought her water broke (it had- she was three weeks early). She wasn't sure and was not in too much pain so her husband left and went to school. Things got more serious so I dropped my kids off at Amber's (I owe her some serious babysitting- Thanks so much!). Then we headed down to the hospital. She was admitted and things picked up fast. We eventually got Josh there and things kept progressing. To make a long story short (I am pretty sure the long story will be on Kandis blog in a couple days) I was able to witness Hayden's birth (that was not the original plan it just kind of happened). It was so amazing, totally different than going through labor yourself. The whole process is such a miracle and I am so happy for my friends. Their little guy weighed in at 5 pounds 11 ounces and was 18 and 1/2 inches long.