Saturday, August 30, 2008

So much to do and so little time

The summer is coming to an end and we only have one more summer out here.  I feel like we have taken advantage of our time out here.  We have seen a lot and done a lot but there is still so much more to do.  Some of the things we would love to do before we move are-

-Spend a weekend in NYC
-Go to Montreal, Toronto and maybe even PEI (but that might be more of a road trip than we are willing to do)
-Explore Chicago
-Camp in the Adirondacks
-Go on the Maid of the Mist
-We want to stop by Gettysburg when we go to DC next
-Letchworth state park in the fall
-I still haven't been to the Anchor Bar (I hear its not that good but we live in BUFFALO I have to go there)

I know there are more (we were just talking about our to do list but I forget things sometimes).  It seems like a lot, I don' t know if we will get it all in or not.  We really have done a lot out here (how can our list still be so long?!), there is just a lot to do out here!  SO MUCH TO DO AND SO LITTLE TIME!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Times

This Saturday was so AWESOME! When I woke up in the morning I asked Tyler to get the boys and start making breakfast. He heard get up and take them to breakfast. So when I rolled out of bed a few minutes later thinking they were making breakfast they were all ready to go out. So I went too! It was really fun and yummy. There is something about restaurant pancakes that are so good! (I used to work with someone that sold food to restaurants-most restaurants pay about 30 cents a pancake and all they do is warm them up....that's another story....who cares how they get them they are delicious).
My little Garret boy loves the library so he and I made a quick trip there. He had fifty cents and wanted to buy a book (they have a whole section of books for sale). He was so cute because while we were at the library he said "I love going on dates with you" then he gave me a kiss and said "I give you lots of kisses while we are on our date". So cute!

Then we headed up to the beach. It was crazy busy there, but the water was warm and the kids were in good moods so it was perfect. We met up with friends there and just enjoyed the warm weather.

We were invited to a very radical eighties party Saturday night so we ran to the thrift store right after the beach. We were still in our swimsuits and wet. We found some pretty good finds. I really wanted some of the other dresses but they were two small or way over priced. We were pretty proud of our last minute digs. Tyler even sported the blue pants at church Sunday.
Josh was nice enough to watch our kids for us and so we went childless and in costume! It was a blast, we watched some of goonies, played games and visited with friends until midnight. (I was told I looked like the girl from napolean dynamite! Never seen it....pretty sure it wasn't a compliment). Garret thought my dress was a wedding dress and that it was beautiful. He told me when he gets married he is going to wear it. I asked him who he was going to marry. First he said "Dad" I told him he was taken. Then he said "Max". I told him Max was a boy. He settled for "Max's Mommy". We left it at that.

Glamour shots!

Here are a couple pictures of the kids playing Foosball with Tyler...I love Garret's face in the second one- this is where we were going when we encountered the not so nice man. Spencer loves things he can do everything Garret can now!

Friday, August 22, 2008

How Rude

Today I set out on my daily walk with my kids. I have been going faithfully everyday. Today we decided to walk to Tyler's school to visit him. My stroller is a very good stroller considering I paid ten dollars for it but it is far from being the top of the line. Not to mention that I have two hefty kids to push. So yeah, it can be a bit of a work out. The sidewalks around here are not the best. They are bumpy and lumpy and every time we come to a bump I have to put my foot on the back of the stroller and pop up the front of the stroller to get over it. When we are on the not so busy streets I walk on the side of the road- to make it a more enjoyable ride for my kids and walk for me.

Today while walking on an empty street, far off to the side- a car several hundred feet away lays on his horn for probably a good thirty seconds to a minute. Then the driver proceeds to yell and swear at me about not being on the sidewalk. Let me remind you the street was empty, it was early afternoon, we were walking where cars were allowed to park so its not as if we were in the way at all. I was feeling extremely flustered inside because I don't do well in these situations.

Then I run into the man at the hospital parking lot. He walks up to me all huffy and says/yells "why do you think you can just walk in the street". I very calmly explained about the bad sidewalks. He proceeded to tell me that I was a bad parent and was more concerned about bumps than my children. He ended with "What kind of a parent are you?"

I was so shocked I didn't even tell him what I thought. I just can't believe someone would judge me to be a negligent parent so quickly . I can't imagine being so rude to someone whether I knew them or not. It just left a bad taste in my mouth. Well enough venting.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silly Spencer

Spencer found this old pacifier under the couch and thought it was so much fun! He hasn't used a pacifier since he was six months old. Garret also tried it once but took it out real fast when I said "Oh what a cute baby, I guess we better get you a diaper". They are just so fun!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Weekend

Tyler has to start school for real tomorrow (he just had orientation this week). It was nice spending the weekend together. I know he will be very busy for a couple months. We went to the temple Saturday and then went to Canandaigua (I love this town, it is so cute and on the lake and it's beautiful there), we went to a favorite restraunt from Tyler's mission then we headed home on the backroads and stopped at all the little produce stands on the way. The primitive ones that you just pay in the can. The prices are great and the produce is fresh. We spent a few hours cutting and grating up produce together that night.
After we got home we got ready and went to Rick and Cindy's house. She had a few other families she has sold houses to over and we had a little bbq. We love them and love spending time with them. Some people are just good and they fit that category. Garret got to fly airplanes and Spencer was hilarious as soon as we got there he went into dog mode again. I think he remembered the mischeif he got in las ttime we were there.

Sunday was back to nursery for me. It went fairly smoothly considering our out of control numbers. I really love them all and am mostly anxious to split it so I can spend more quality time with them all.

This evening we went to Richard and Erica's for dinner (Cafe Rio & Creme brulee....mmmmm....good). The food was delicious and there house is so perfect for the kids. It was just a nice restful evening with friends.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Home Again

We had such a fun summer....but it is so nice to be home!!! I feel like there are a million things for me to catch up on and to do but I love sleeping in my own bed, running my own schedule and spending time with just our little family. I wish we did not have to go so long in between visits. Today Garret said "tomorrow we go on an airplane, see my cousins, fly home and see Daddy after school". He has loved being home though. Every time he finds another toy he says "Mom Dad look my's still here!".

Today I had to take the kids to the doctor. It was pure torture. I have been trying to prepare Garret for a couple weeks for the doctor. I tell him Ill buy him an ice cream cone if he is a good boy and tries not to cry. Well as soon as they had him stand on the scale he started flipping out. We survived...barely...but they did look cute in their little hospital gowns!

Spencer weighed 26 pounds (80%) and was 32 inches long (90%). Garret weighed 36 pounds (90%) and was 38.5 inches long (75 %). They are big boys...nice and solid.

Tyler is back to school and I miss him already. I love having him around all day long. I know he will do really well this semester and I am so proud of all he does for us.... I guess it's back to real life!

Colorado Part 3

We celebrated Grandma Talcotts 96th Birthday while we were there. There was cake and a slide show. I enjoyed seeing photos of the family from when they were younger. We all loved being there to celebrate with her!

On Sunday Trenton sang at church. He has a beautiful voice and sang a beautiful song!

The very best part of the trip was just being together with family. Here are some photos of the family. We will miss everyone until we see them again...We love you all!

Colorado Part 2

We all love the Zoo! As a family we spent a few hours at the zoo. It was fun going to a different zoo- the denver zoo is a lot bigger than the Buffalo zoo.
Tyler's Mom and Aunt and Grandma watched the kids for us one day (Thanks!) so that all of us could go out. We saw the new Batman movie, went to lunch and then went to a fun center with go karts and mini golf and lazer tag. It was really fun going out and not having to worry about the kids. The kids had fun playing at Grandma's house as well.

Tyler, the boys and I got to go to our friends Jerid and Tiffany's wedding. It was at this beautiful Lodge near palmer lake. Tiffany's dress was so pretty and we are so happy for them. (I haven't had a chance to get the pictures off my camera)

8.8.08 was also the start of the Olympics (which we love) so we had our own family version of the Olympics. We all had a partner (a goofy name) and we compete in some silly events (tug o war, balloon toss, obstacle course, three legged race...etc). It was fun just playing together!

Colorado Part 1

After Washington we headed to Colorado. Here are the highlights-

Swimming! Garret loves to play in the water and he was able to swim a couple times.

Games! I don't know how to play pinnacle so whenever we go to Colorado Tyler tries to get a game or two in....his Grandma loves to tell about the time they got like five hundred points (I don't really know what that means but it must be pretty good!).

Garret had fun lifting weights with his Dad and uncles.

Tubby Time- Garret thought it was so fun taking a tubby with Jessica.

I read the last Twilight book. I was curious how they ended. I was a little disappointed in it but it was still a fun read.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodbye Washington

We got back from the reunion and spent Sunday and part of Monday with the family then we left. It is always sad saying goodbye to family. We live so far away right now and we probably won't get back to Washington for another year. We had a great time while we were there, we love all our family, we love the serious talks, the adventures, the games, the kids, the work- all of it! I am just so thankful that for my family and I love them all so much.

After Washington we headed to Colorado for more good times....I will try to get caught up on them tomorrow!

Coon Lake

My Grandparents used to live at Coon Lake. They were the caretakers of the church property there most of my younger years. We all have so many fun memories from there. I remember spying on girls camp and swimming in the lake, catching newts and reunions. This year we went back to the church property for our Beck reunion. It is a lot different but enough the same that the old memories came back. We had a great time with all the family that was there. The kids loved playing with all the other kids, we played games and had a pinata (just like we used to). Garret and some of his little friends were in the pretend bus and they were pretending to go places. It was so cute- they would push the radio then sing a song together. Yes, Tyler does have a lightening bolt on the side of his head!
We played on the lake for a couple hours after the reunion. We took the boats out and there was even one newt!!!
We had a hot dog roast and my Grandpa made his fabulous dutch oven dessert! We also were able to hear a few things from their younger years! Family is the best!

Washington Part 4

We went to Penrose state park while in Washington. It is the rocky beach that is full of animal life. There are star fish and moon snails and octopus and eels. Garret fell in the mud right away and was not a fan of walking after that but he liked looking at the sea animals and finally at the end decided to touch a barnacle (that is as brave as he got). Spencer on the other hand enjoyed touching everything!

My parents heat there house with a wood stove- so they need a lot of firewood. We decided to make the work a little more fun by making it a competition- "The lumberjack competition". As families we got ten minutes to haul out as much wood as we could, the wood also had to be split. Tyler and I came in second place- Tyler makes a pretty good lumberjack! We also had a root beer chugging competition, pickle ball tournament, cookie and pie eating competition....then the real fun started. The boys decided it would be fun to all have Mohawks together. They had so much fun cutting weird things into their hair. Two of the men in our family are a little on the bald side. They got creative and stuck everyone Else's hair to tape and made their own Mohawks as well!!! (They wore their hair like this to the family reunion)
My Dad builds beautiful kayaks (the wooden ones not the plastic ones) and a bunch of us went out one morning on a seven mile paddle. It was a super low tide so we had to navigate around rocks and we were able to see the oyster farming really well. But then when we were getting the boats out we got stuck in some serious clay. it was all over us and we kept slipping- it was pretty hilarious.