Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Late Night

Every time I go out I tell myself to come home by midnight (otherwise it takes me a couple days to recover). Monday night I got home around two thirty. I actually haven't felt too bad this time. Steph had a shower and of course we got chatty!

With Halloween this week it is a busy week. We have a Halloween party tonight and of course Halloween Friday. The kids are so excited for it all. I am sure I will have lots of fun pictures of my little chicken and duck. Here they are by the "warm spot". Last week when I turned the heat on Garret immediately ran to the heater and sat down and said "My Warm Spot". I can't believe that he remembered it. In the morning the heat goes up at seven and Garret gets up every morning to the sound of it and runs to sit by it. (It's not like I keep my house that cold). Now Spencer goes running to the warm spot too.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today was such a great day. My nursery kids (Garret included) sang with the primary. They sang "I am a child of God" in sacrament meeting. I was so proud of them. They are so much fun. I am going to be sad in January when some of them move up because I will miss them. Our class is finally running smoothly and even though we come home from church exhausted it's fun. Garret's little head was just poking up above the wall, he had on his cute little smile and I was pretty close to crying. He is so big!

This afternoon we carved/painted pumpkins. The kids loved it. They also loved playing with Tyler's pumpkin's guts!

To finish our day we shared dessert with friends!

Yesterday Garret set the whole table all by himself. He was pretty proud of himself.

Peace and Quiet

Tyler and I went to a Halloween party on Friday night. Our friend Callie watched our kids (Garret has a new love interest!). It was so nice going out and fun getting all dressed up. Kristen and Aaron threw the party and did an awesome job. Their house looked so good and the food was amazing. She put on the invitation that you had to wear a costume (I am so glad she did, I hate wondering if other people are going to be dressed up or never want to the only one dressed up or the only one not dressed up). Everyones costumes were great. We went as "Peace and Quiet" (a hippie and a mime).

Jonas (Karate), Tuffy and Jillian (Toothfairy and Toothless child), Kristen and Aaron (Juno and Boyfriend- can't remember his name), Dave and Briste (Farmer and Farmer's wife), Brent and Kashann (Daddy Warbucks and Annie), Sarah and John (Chef and bun in the oven), Dave and Steph (Britney and K-fed), Richard and Erica (Where's Waldo), Glenn and Christy (Pirate and Batman), Josh (Newspaper guy ?), Tyler and I (Peace and Quiet).

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Here we go again

This morning I saw snow in the rain. The high is I turned the heat on. I hate turning it on because I know the big bills will come and it will be months before I turn it off again. Garret is excited for snow and I love the winter holidays. I am not excited for big bills, tons of socks to fold (everyone wore sandals all's nice not matching fifty white socks that are all slightly different), it is so much darker in the winter and I can't take the kids walking everyday. No use complaining because it is here either way!!! So here we go again!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trial Run

I got my kids costumes last year after Halloween when everything was 75% off. My kids have been so excited to wear them. Whenever Spencer sees his he says "buck buck buck" (that is his chicken noise). His is a little small (he popped a snap off the first time he wore it and his little chubby thighs are kind of squeezed in there- but it works and he loves it). Garret thinks he can fly with his on and I am just hoping he doesn't fly off of anything too high. I bought a few craft things and a candy making kit last year so once a week or so we have done something Halloweenish. It's been fun and they are loving it. Today we took cookies around and they decided to wear their costumes. Here are a couple other recent pictures. We went to the park and there were tons of geese there. The boys decided to try and hold them (they try to hold most anything). The geese got scared and some flew away but some of them started honking and sounding pretty angry so we grabbed the kids and stuck to the playground.

Friday, October 17, 2008

15 months

Spencer has his fifteen month check up today. He weighed 27 and a half pounds (80percentile) and was 30 or 31 inches tall (I forgot which) that put him in the 75th for height. His big ole head was above the 97th percentile. Garret and Spencer got a flu shot and Spencer got another one as well. Garret didn't even cry which is big time for him. Spencer was so funny he was screaming on the table then just gave me a dirty look and closed his eyes like if he didn't look at us we weren't there. He stayed like that for a minute then was fine. I can't believe how fast they are growing up. They sure keep me busy but in a good way!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crazy sleeper

Last night I heard Garret crying in his room. I went in to see what the problem was and he was sitting on the bed with his pants and underwear down to his ankles saying "my pants, my pants" it was really weird. I tried to ask him what he was doing but he wasn't making any sense. I put his clothes back on and tucked him in and he went right back to sleep. He doesn't remember doing it last night so I think he must have been sleeping the whole time....if he can undress himself in his sleep...just think what other mischief he can get into.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We Love New York

Today was one of those days that makes us love New York even more. I can't tell you how many times today I said "it is so BEAUTIFUL here". Tyler decided to bike to letchworth (they call it the Grand Canyon of the East). We drove to meet him and ended up meeting him a few miles before we got there (he biked 45 miles). The drive was BEAUTIFUL and Letchworth was BEAUTIFUL. Every time we reached the top of a new hill I kept thinking this looks like something that could be on a jigsaw puzzle or landscape calender- AND WE LIVE HERE!!! I love the fall. We could live here and be perfectly content. The long winter and humid summer are worth it for the BEAUTIFUL fall (my pictures did not do anything justice- I am so disappointed in them, it was hard because we were trying to take pictures when the sun was at its peak...I guess we will have to come again). Anyway, I was so impressed with Tyler and his bike riding and then he even carried Spencer in the backpack for a while. We hiked around Letchworth and loved it. It is a huge park and I feel like we barely scratched the surface. I can't wait to go back and explore it further. (Sorry for all the scenery pictures- it was just so BEAUTIFUL).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Day Off

Today was a Jewish holiday so Tyler had the day off. I am still feeling a little under the weather but that was not about to stop me from enjoying a day out with the family.

We started off by going to the temple. I played with the kids while Tyler was in the temple. They have a playground in Palmyra that has the old style playground toys. They enjoyed the merry-go-round and teeter-totter. The leaves are changing so it was a beautiful day to be out enjoying the sunshine.

Then we went to Rochester and spent the afternoon at the museum of play. Garret and Spencer loved it all. Garret would have shopped at the mini-grocery store forever. Another favorite was the curious George room. It was fun watching them play. Garret and Spencer love dressing up- Spencer was fond of the princess dress! They went on stage and Garret sang "I am a child of God". Garret is already asking when we will go back.

We stopped at a stand on the way home and picked out pumpkins to carve.

Tyler had to head in and study tonight but at least we got to spend the day together. I wish there were a few more holidays I love them SO much.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Little Blessings

I have felt so awful the last couple days and three things have saved me.

First Tyler got done at three yesterday so he took the kids to the zoo and took care of dinner and everything. He is so awesome.

He brought me home some night time medicine which I haven't really taken before and that stuff knocked me out. I took it at eight thirty or so and was out cold for hours. If I hadn't gotten sleep last night I do not know how I could have managed my two needy children today. I love them so much but it is so hard to take care of kids when I am sick.

Finally, I have the best neighbors. My neighbor Kandis brought me a little basket with soup and orange juice in it (I am sure my Mom is smiling right now- she likes knowing I am taken care of) and she brought dinner. They have been there for us since Rexburg (longer for Tyler and Josh) and we just love them. We love all our friends here.

Hopefully it is gone or mostly gone by tomorrow because we have big plans for our Jewish holiday day off.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Long Walk

Well, I am sick again. I don't know what is wrong with me. This one came on so fast and I could hardly sleep last night and I have been super hot then cold and anyway it's not pretty. It was such an awful day to get sick because I was going to go to book club tonight. We read "The Long Walk" and I really enjoyed it. It was not quite what I expected but I liked it a lot. I thought it was going to be a little more reflective a little less matter of fact. It is the true story of a man that escaped from a Russian work camp. He walks 4000 miles and endures more than I can imagine. He encounters amazingly kind people along the way and it makes me want to be kinder and more willing to give and serve, he travels with men that become his great friends and it makes me think of what kind of a friend I am. He is traveling for the course of a year and lives on almost nothing (little food, little water) and he suffers a lot but it does make me think of how little we actually need to survive and I feel a little guilty about all the things I think I "need". It also made me think about civil disobedience, when is it ok to break the law?(I have a lot of thoughts on this and I think it is kind of and interesting topic). I also thought about what I would endure for my freedom and how my perspectives on freedom and suffering have changed since having children. I am way more scared for their suffering than mine. I wish it had talked more about what he learned from it all, what it was like going back to normal life etc. because I am sure he would have profound insights. I would highly recommend the book and I am sorry that I do not get to participate in tonight's discussion.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Munchkins

Spencer has started saying "wow" about everything and when he laughs he throws his head back in the air.  His vocabulary is pretty limited but it is picking up. He says wow, this, mom, dad, dog, moo, more, book and a few others. He also learned how to climb up on the kitchen chairs and couch.  He is a very busy little guy.  He loves to wrestle with Garret (until someone gets hurt).  He will run as fast as his little chubby legs will carry him and plow him over.  Garret thinks it is great and they really go at it.  

Garret was pretty funny saying his prayers tonight (and every night) it went something like this.  ".....thanks you for heaven a long time ago, and for Jesus Christ, thank you for my birthday, I want another one I want to be five and get a library card, thank you for my chair, my bed, my table, my toys, thanks you for my Mom and Dad I'm going to keep them forever...."

He also has been asking some rather interesting questions lately.  I am not sure if they are blog appropriate so quite reading now if you want.  He came up to me one day and said "Mom do you have a wiener?"  I explained a few things and he said "hmmmm....Spencer does and I do too".  He has been trying to figure out what it means to like one thing better than another.  He has been doing it with toys and food and everyday things but today he said "I like Dad better than you"  I told him that hurts my feelings but I was glad he loved his Dad.  Then he said "can I love you both" and I said of course.  He has so many little funny thoughts these days.  

Friday, October 3, 2008

He's Three...well basically

We celebrated Garret's birthday today. My baby is three, it makes me so happy and sad all at the same time. I love watching him grow but I hate how fast it is going by. He is such a special wonderful boy. He makes our lives so interesting and fun. He loves to sing, read, play pretend, help me with everything, and learn. He has changed so much this year. I can honestly say that "the terrible twos" were not that bad. Some people say three is a lot worse than two and he has gotten a little more challenging in some ways recently so there may be truth in that. I really can not complain about Garret, he sleeps great, he is pretty good about listening, he loves to give me hugs and kisses, he snuggles with me, he has been potty trained for almost a year and he still thinks I am the "best girl in the whole world"! We just love him so much. Some of my favorite times with him this year have been- giving him his bike for Christmas, listening to the funny things he says, when he was potty trained, watching him with Spencer, taking him on vacations, taking him anywhere new (this kid gets excited about everything), watching him try to be just like Dad, all the is so hard to think of just a few great times with this kid...there are so many! We love our Garret Boy!!!

His Special day was a blast. It went like this....

We woke him by singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He was sleepy and blurry eyed and disoriented. He said "I open my presents now" all sleepy eyed and pulled himself out of bed. Then he started getting really excited. He saw his cake and presents and could hardly contain himself. He wanted pancakes for breakfast so we ate pancakes then opened presents. He immediately wanted to open the present that had been talking to him the day before. It was a buzz light year toy from his Grandparents. He opened it and said "Oooohhhh oooohhh a SUPER WHY!!!!" He thought it was one of the guys from the PBS cartoon (he has only seen like twice). All day long he called it super why and ran around saying "Super why ...the power to read". It was pretty cute. He loved all his presents. He was so cute when he was opening them. He handed some to Spencer and said "you can have that one Spence". It was so nice opening them in the morning because he played with them all day. He was so busy playing basketball, games and trying on new clothes all day. At nap time he was exhausted but because he is too old to suck on his fingers (he did so good today) and he was excited, he didn't fall asleep (this is really rare- he loves to sleep). After Spencer woke up I asked Garret what special thing he would like to do and he said "go see Daddy at school". I told him that Daddy was busy and we couldn't do that. He said "I miss my Daddy and the thing I want most is to see him" (how could I say no to that). So we went and visited Tyler at school. Tyler had a root canal patient so at first we didn't think we would get to see him, Garret started getting all teary eyed and his chin was quivering. But Tyler's patient said he didn't mind waiting for a minute so Garret got to see him and he talked about it all afternoon.
A few days ago we told Garret he could have three friends over (since he is three) to share his cake with him. (our house doesn't fit many more). So he picked some Friends(unfortunately one of his friends couldn't come) but he had so much fun with Crew and Ella. By the end of the night he was insane. I am not sure if I have ever seen him so wound up and crazy. I know it was because he was tired but we were so ready to put him to bed. When we put him in bed he started saying he was scared so Tyler gave him his toy hammer to sleep with and we haven't heard a peep since. He was one tired out happy boy!
I love my little big boy! (I think I have confused him because I always say "why are you growing up so fast, can't you just stay little?" well today he asked me "if I still love him now that he is big"...the answer is YES! I will always love my Garret- What a wondeful year it has been!