Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

Saturday we got our tree. Garret has been telling us he wanted to pick it out, so we said he could help. While we were there Garret kept picking trees too tall or too full. Tyler found a really nice one that was a good size but Garret didn't like it. So while Garret wasn't looking Tyler moved the nice tree to a different spot then asked Garret if he liked it and Garret decided he loved it and it was beautiful!!!

I can already tell that Spencer is going to like the tree a little too much and there may not be many decorations left on it by Christmastime--but it's beautiful, smells good and I love that the kids love it!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Because I have been given much

A couple weeks ago we started talking about Thanksgiving with the kids. Having kids makes every holiday so fun- They get excited about the littlest things. We taught them the song "Because I have been given much" and talked about all that we have been blessed with. We did a little service project on Thanksgiving and I love that Garret understands (to some degree) what we are doing and why it is important. He was very cute about telling us what he is thankful for. I am so thankful for Garret and Spencer and Tyler. Being a part of a family is so wonderful. We feel so blessed to have a home full of love, the gospel, families that love us, friends far and near, food, shelter, laughter and so much more.

We spent the morning of Thanksgiving watching Tyler run in the Turkey Trot. The kids were so excited when they saw him. I can't believe what a huge race it is. Tyler didn't slow down for me to take a picture so this is him right after he gave the boys high fives.
Then we started cooking. Tyler made an amazing turkey (speaking of turkeys, I bought four of them when they were .39 cents a pound so we will be eating them often). He injected marinade into it the night before and when you sliced it you could see marinated swirled throughout the meat. We shared our meal with Josh and Kandis and baby Hayden. All the food was excellent, I totally ate to much and was so full after it.

We did our little service project...then ate some pie! Then we had to start planning our black Friday shopping (side not- it was out of control this morning but very fun going out). It was a great Thanksgiving. I loved being together as a family and spending time thinking about all the many blessings in my life.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Spencer by Garret

A couple weeks ago Garret drew his first "real" picture. Up until this point he has just scribbled. Now he takes his time and can tell me what he is drawing (a lot of times I would not know what they are if he didn't tell me). I remember once I listened to him while he drew and he said "here's Daddy's head, and eyes, ears....oh and a belly button". Here is one of Spencer-
We made cookies the other day and couldn't resist the bowl.
Babysitting has never been so easy. My kids are so curious about babies. They would bring him toys, sing songs, tell me he was hungry! Maybe I could manage three....hmmmm....let me think about that....maybe in a year or two....Spence is is still my baby!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brotherly Love

First Hair Cut

My little big boy got his first haircut. He did so good! He just munched on a piece of celery and got to watch a movie (a rarity for him). I think he looks so handsome!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is this normal?

Garret is obsessed with death.  Not in a morbid creepy way but he is constantly asking me about it.  Here are some examples-

I gave Garret his blanket back after it had been washed.  He hugged it and said "I missed you so much, I won't die for a long time cause then you would miss me too much".

In the car-
Garret- Mom I gonna miss you so much when you die
Me- I am not going to die for a long time so you don't need to worry about that
Garret-I don't ever want to get old and die

He pretends his animals die so they can go and be with Heavenly Father.

He is always reminding me to drive careful so we "don't die like the mouse on the road by Grandma's house".

He will ask me when he is going to die and go to Heaven, when Spencer is, when his friends are.

In the kitchen-
Garret- "I don't wanna die"
Me- "You are not going to die for a very long time, so don't worry about it"
Garret- "I never want to die because the bad Lamenites are there and they will kill me"

Garret- "When do we come back from Heaven?"

When he sees an old person or an old truck or anything old he will ask "when is that going to die?"  (sometimes he does not say this for just me to hear).  

Once when we drove by the graveyard he said "look people are going to the cemetery, they are going  to die"

He is also a bit obsessed with killing.  He has never seen shows with killing in them and we don't read violent books but he will look through the children's scriptures until he comes to some violent picture and ask me all about it.  

It doesn't really worry me or weird me out-  I just wish I could ease his  mind about it so he didn't worry so much.  I explain it to him and he seems to grasp it, at least as much as his three year old mind can.  It is just obvious that it is something he thinks about because he brings it up and asks so many questions.   I guess we will have to have another family home evening on the plan of salvation!

In other news, my kids were purely evil today and I am not sure why.  They were so grumpy and kept fighting and screaming (Spencer needs to get some new words).  He can be so cute one minute and super grumpy the next. ( I hope they are not getting sick).  Spencer is changing all the time, he is getting more words ( I am sure we are the only people that would call them words) and he understands so much.  When we ask him about body parts he will point to them, he throws his diapers away, makes animal sounds (some of them), loves pretending to be a doggy.  He definitely is a feisty one.  I really hope that as his vocabulary grows his frustration level will go down and he will mellow out a little.  I remember this being a harder stage with Garret too.  It's nice with number two because you know that stages come and go.  I love that the two of them play together so well now.  They really love each other.  Garret is so quick to take care of him and Spencer will try anything that Garret does.  

Even on days like today when they are so ornery - I just love them!

Monday, November 17, 2008

I am thankful...

On Sunday we made trees and on each leaf we wrote what we were thankful for. Garret came up with his all by himself (I thought he might need help), they are surprisingly not that funny (I thought he would say how he was thankful for toilet paper or something like that) but it was very sweet that these are the things he thought of.

Garret is thankful for....





That he was born and lived in Heaven a long time ago





Jesus Christ






I love Daddy



That Heavenly Father Loves me

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Busy Week

This week was so busy (and fun). After my Dad left I tried to get a few things done before our Brother in Law Michael came (he interviewed at UB). We all had a good time seeing him. It was a quick trip but Michael still found time to play with the boys. We went to the best pizza and wings while he was here. It was probably the best we have had since we came here.

They put in a new playground pretty close to our house. The boys loved it. Garret was so cute he would help Spencer across the bridge. At one point I hear Garret yell "I'm stuck" he kept saying it but didn't sound to be in too much trouble so I helped Spencer down the slide for a couple minutes then went over to Garret and found him laughing still saying "I'm stuck". He was hanging from the climbing wall. His shirt was stuck on one of the fake rocks. He wasn't hurt, just needed help. I think they are going to love the new playground (if only the weather was good enough to walk their everyday).
Today Tyler was in a three on three basketball tournament at the school. His team came in fourth. It was fun watching him play and the boys even got to bounce the ball around a little. Don't they look tough?!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Good Learning Experience

Yesterday Garret was playing with a toy (it was just a dollar store toy---luckily) and he decided to break it. He looked right at me, then broke it. He felt really bad about it after. We talked about it and today he got to work for Kandis so he could earn a dollar to pay for it (I didn't want to pay him for a job at our house because I feel like jobs at home are just part of being in the family). I hope that he will learn to treat things nicely (he is normally really good) and I hope that if I am consistent in teaching him that he will realize that there are consequences for his actions. He was pretty proud of himself for "being accountable and trying to right his wrong". He is such a good boy and I want nothing but the best for him. Here he is cleaning the floor!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We are Charlie Brown Too!

The boys were wearing their "Charlie Brown" shirts!

Grandpa Bob (you know the "Bob the Builder" one)!

My Dad came to visit! He got here Sunday afternoon a few hours before Tyler got home and was here through today (Tuesday) afternoon. Garret went with me to pick him up and he started saying "I don't remember what Grandpa Bob looks like" while we were waiting. Then all of the sudden he started squealing and laughing and jumping all at once....I guess he hadn't forgotten after all, because the next thing I knew he was hugging his Grandpa!

Garret and Grandpa built a bird house together. Garret loved this. The most entertaining part for me was when Garret went to put the top on he dropped it over the neighbors fence and so my Dad had to climb over three fences to get it and then back.
Sunday night we got our first real snow. It snowed a couple inches. I woke Garret up from sleeping when I saw it to show it to him (for the last month he has been putting on his snow clothes "just in case" so I knew he would be excited). He really didn't say much at night, but the next morning when he woke up and saw it he was so excited. He kept laughing and saying "it snowed" over and over. So they went out and played in it (there was not very much left at this point). It was fun watching them play in it. Garret has been checking to see if his snowman is still there and he always wants to hug and kiss it. Crazy kid.My handy man Dad also fixed the rocking chair, cleaned the sump pump and worked on some plumbing while he was here. The boys like to sit backwards on the rocking chair and pretend it is a horse, car or whatever they are in the mood for. I think that it was a pirate ship and the leaves were nets or something like that (its hard to keep straight).
Dad read Garret "the three billy goats gruff" and they spent hours (literally) acting the story out! They had so much fun playing with their Grandpa. We took Grandpa to Chuck E Cheese (his first time EVER).
It was so great having him here. The boys were both sad to see him go. Garret did his little lip quiver turn to sob sad face that melts your heart and said "I gonna be so so sad" and "I gonna miss you so much". We will all miss Grandpa!!!

Charlie Brown

A few weeks ago tickets to and from Buffalo went on sale. So I got Tyler tickets to go see his brother in a play. It was a quick trip and a little too expensive for all of us to go so Tyler took Spencer (he is still free) and headed to Colorado. He only told his Dad he was coming. He was so excited to surprise his family. According to Tyler the surprise went perfectly! I guess there were a few double takes and a lot of excitement.

The reason for the trip was to see his family and to see his little brother Trenton in a play. Trention was Charlie in "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown". When Tyler was in sixth grade he had this role as well (I wish I had a picture of that to show you how cute he was!). Tyler said that Trenton did awesome! The guys wore Charlie Brown shirts to the play!

Apparently Spencer had a problem with wetting through his diaper (that is why he has no pants on in some of the pictures). Doesn't he look massive next to his cousin Everett?

Tyler enjoyed spending time with just Spencer (sometimes Garret is an attention hog!). Luckily he got a seat for Spencer every time on the plane so flying wasn't too bad. I am so glad they got to go and that they had fun. We missed them while they were gone and were so glad to have them back!!!

Spencer helping at Grandma Fordham's house! He had a great time with everyone!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mommy and Me

Garret and I are holding down the fort while Tyler and Spencer are in Colorado (they went to see Trenton in a play....I will have to post about that when they get back). I debated whether I should try and be really productive while they were gone or just have fun. It would have been the perfect time to deep clean my house ... but we ended up just playing. It has been so fun playing with Garret (don't get me wrong- I do miss Spence and Tyler). When we dropped them off at the airport Garret got pretty sad. Sad he wasn't going on an airplane, sad because he was going to miss his "best buddy Spence" and his Daddy. So last night we used some of our free Wendy's coupons and went and got Frostys. He got over being sad pretty quick and started making plans of all the things we were going to do together. He wanted to "tickle and jump and run and play games...etc". So we started doing those things and more.
Up until last night Garret had only ever spent one entire night in my bed (it was on vacation when he was like 9 months old, he does snuggle in bed with me in the morning sometimes). So we had a sleep over last night. It was so funny- he talked in his sleep all night long. Every time he rolled over he said something. Once he said "where is my daddy, where is my daddy?" I was sure he was awake...nope. Another time he reached both arms in the air and said "I want that, I want that". I didn't really sleep that good but I was quite entertained.

I felt rather sick (probably another cold picked up in nursery) in the morning and took advantage of the fact that I didn't have a baby here and popped in a movie for Garret and went back to bed. This is not like me at all and it was AWESOME!!! Then we went to the library. Garret wanted to buy a book!

Then we went to Target to kill some time. Halloween stuff happened to be marked down 90%! So I bought the kids Halloween costumes for next year. I got them both the horse one so they will be little cowboys! Garret loves it and doesn't want to put it away. They started at 29.00 and I got them for less than 3!!! I also bought ninja ones...hey they were only 90 cents!!! I love a good bargain!

Then Garret and I went to IHOP and split an order of pancakes. Tyler doesn't believe in spending money on bread (that is what he tells me when I suggest a pancake restaurant). Plus it was fun going out with Garret and the waitress kept calling him my date and he thought that was so fun.

Finally we headed to the cheap theater to see Wall-E. I slept watched it- Garret zombie watched it. He told me he loved it!
Then we went to flea market where he talked me into buying a melon and a pineapple!!! Once we got home we played games and then he went to my we go again.

Today I remembered how much easier it is doing things with just one kid in tow. It was a super fun day and hopefully one Garret will remember for a long time. We would have loved going to Colorado with Tyler and Spence but at least we enjoyed our day together.

This is just a cute picture of Garret with his little budy Hayden!

Friday, November 7, 2008

What's New

Garret is funny as ever-

Garret- "When you get big and me and Spency get big we are going to have a lot of daddy's in our house"

Me- "Eat your dinner so you can get big and strong"
Garret- "I eat my dinner I wake up and be a daddy"

Me- "Garret I love you"
Garret- "I love you too"
Me- "Come give me a big Garret boy hug and kiss"
Garret- "Just don't kiss me like Mommy's and Daddy's do"

Garret- "Someday I gonna turn four then five"
Me- "yep...what happens then"
Garret- "I get a library card, go to school and be a daddy"

Kandis- "When is your Mommy going to have another baby?"
Garret- "We have a baby"
Kandis- "Spencer is getting bigger"
Garret- "He's a baby he still poops in his diaper"
Kandis- "So you can't have another baby until Spencer goes on the potty"
Garret- "yep"
(we are not pregnant nor are we trying to get pregnant...just so you know)

Garret- "When you gonna go to the doctor and bring home a baby?"

I wish I could remember all of the funny things he says. I am constantly amused. He also says "huh" a lot and that drives me crazy (hopefully that is a phase). The boys are wearing me out lately. Spencer is in a bit of a screaming stage. He is a stubborn little guy and when he doesn't want something or does want something he lets us know. It will be nice when he has words to use. His vocabulary is growing but it's still pretty limited. I remember with Garret it felt like he barely knew any words then all of the sudden it clicked that he could mimic whatever we said so hopefully it will click for Spencer soon.

I hosted book club at my house last night. It was really fun. We read "The secret life of bees" (now I have to see the movie). I really liked the book. I got a little tired of the black Madonna and felt like there were a few parts that drug on a bit but overall it was so good. It deals with relationships and love and race and a lot of deep issues and entertains at the same time. I would love to go and see the south someday. I have read a lot of southern novels and I would love to go there and get a better feel for the culture.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

Yesterday we got the opportunity to vote. I am glad so many people turned out to vote. I think this is the first time we have ever had to stand in much of a line. I am so glad that all of the campaigning is over. I hated the commercials and the fact that over a billion dollars was spent over the last two years campaigning. I don't think I would have felt relieved if the results had been the other way. It is scary electing someone to run the country. We have no idea of knowing how it will go or what possible scenarios will come. Either outcome would have caused me to feel a sense of "please don't take away the good from our country" and "please don't add to the evil".

At this point I hope that people will accept the new president, stop being so red and blue, left and right and just give him a chance. The majority ruled and I think it only fair that the new President get to start with a clean slate and be judged according to what he does in office. I feel like Tyler- it will serve us better to be hope full and optimistic than to be bitter. It will be better for everyone to try and do their parts to make this country better. Rather than thinking their vote every four years will solve the problems of the country. We need to know what is happening in our local elections, serve the people that are around us, take care of our neighbors and our families. We need to be the change we want to see.

It will be nice to have a change in the White House. I think that exciting, scary times are coming. I admit I was not overly fond of either candidate. I thought the election was frustrating but it's over and now we get to see what happens!I am proud to live in America and pray she will long endure.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The 44th President of the United States

We have a new President of the United States of America. Yet again democracy has come out victorious. Though voting differences most definitely occurred among friends, neighbors, and family, we all stand together as a nation with a new leader to guide our future. I know I have been wishy-washy about the candidates that we had to choose from (for those of you who I have talked to it about), but tonight I am happy. Not because I agree with everything that Barack Obama wants for our country (I certainly didn't agree with everything McCain wanted either), but because we ARE a country. We are ONE nation under God. Many a soldier has lost their life so that we could have the freedom to do what we did today, and so for that I am glad. 

I think that the future is hopeful. I watched so many young people (I say that like I'm old) show excitement about the election tonight. There has been a lack of moral in our country as a whole, and if for nothing else this election has got people invigorated. It has lifted people's spirits so much more then I remember the last election doing. Over 80 Million people turned up to vote, that is a lot of people, I'm pretty sure I couldn't even count that high. So here is to our future! I hope that we can all continue to keep the excitement that we have, and actively help to make the communities we are part of, the places we want our children to live. We have the power, we have used it tonight, and it is up to us to make the best of all our futures.

Yours Truly,
Garret Fordham
(Typed by his dad)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

It has come and gone! Halloween was very fun this year, we ended up doing a lot for it (probably the most I have ever done for Halloween). Since I last posted we have done more Halloween art, gone to a ward Halloween party (they threw a carnival for the kids) and last night we went trick or treating. At the ward Halloween party Spencer kept wandering off and Garret kind of chickened out and didn't want to do much. Tyler won the pie eating contest! I wore Tyler's scrubs and was a dental student and Tyler was a super hero (Mr. Mom). We weren't very creative. We were told the haunted house was too scary for Garret (I am sure it would have been he got scared watching the cartoon version of "how the Grinch stole Christmas"). Everyone had a good time!

Garret and Spencer both loved trick or treating. Spencer even started knocking and saying "boo". By the time we got to our friends house in Lancaster Spencer was done trick or treating and just sat down and started eating. He was perfectly content just sitting eating candy while Tyler took Garret around to a few more houses. Garret enjoyed flying in his duck costume and he was so excited because last night I painted his face yellow!