Friday, January 30, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I have a lot of weeks with very little planned...this week was not one of those-


-Dessert with friends!


-FHE (we started a baby blanket to donate- the kids liked helping, I spent the next couple days trying to get it finished)

-Kristen's baby shower! (I can't believe he is almost here...wasn't Chase just born?)


-Ward Book club (I didn't end up going....but I really wanted to...and I read the book...My Sister's was really good not because I was in love with the characters or what happened but because it made me think. It is about a child that was designed to save her sisters life, it made me think about making medical decisions for my kids, the times I pay more attention to one or the other, how to best show love to kids and caused me to wonder "what would I do?".)


-Visiting teaching

-Sledding (we found a great hill near our house and had a blast...except that every other run we had to blow air into our sled- it has a whole. I was surprised that Spencer loved it-if the sled was on the ground he would go over and sit on it because he was ready to go. We took one good spill when we tried going down with all of us on it! Good time!)

-Preschool hour for Garret

-Sweet n Swap at Angela's- a bunch of friends all brought over things they weren't using any more and we ate food, chatted and searched for treasures! I brought home a couple books, a couple movies, two games and some clothes!
The above list doesn't mention babysitting, playing with my crazy stir crazy kids, shovelling snow (way more then I want to) etc.

Here are a couple pics of our week so far!
Spencer's muscles!
The kids playing under the blanket we made (or wappy as Garret says)-
Sledding (the pic of me has a funny spot on it but it was the only one with Garret in it)-


Debbie said...

It does sound like you were busy, but didn't you love it !!!
And it looks like everyone was having a great time.
Loved the entry.

Love, Mom

Kristy E.B. said...

I so admire all of the service things you're doing. It gives me encouragement to look outside of my life and look for ways to help others. Keep it up!

Debbie said...

Way to cute......Love Spencer's muscles & all the pictures,
Love to all,
Grandma, Grandpa & Uncle Trenton