Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Grandma with Hee Haw

My Mom (and friend) is in town (she will be here until Wednesday morning!). Garret refers to her as the Grandma that has Hee Haw (they have a toy horse that he named Hee Haw at her house). She got in a couple days ago at 11:30. Garret had been so excited for her coming that I let him go to the airport with me even though it was so late. Spencer didn't take long to warm up to her and is now quite attached. It has been so fun having her here. We have stayed up late working on projects and watching movies, playing games and playing with the kids.

We went to Palmyra Friday and Saturday. The kids thing hotels are the greatest thing ever! Garret camped in his tent in the room. He finally stopped wiggling around in his tent at midnight (but he had fun). They went swimming twice and we went to the temple a couple times. Then we went and saw the sights (always fun). We stopped by the book store while we were there and Garret saw a replica of the Gold Plates and was very excited about that. It has been such a great experience living so close to the sight of the restoration. When I hear about church history I have such a clear image of where it took place. When it is cold (like it has been this last week), I think how lucky I am that I have a furnace (even if the bill is outrageous) at least I don't live in a log cabin. I am grateful for the many trips to Palmyra we have had. Who put their swimsuits on?
The weather has been so cold since my Mom has been here. She is not really a cold weather person so it says a lot that she has been braving the cold for us. I wish I could slow down the next couple of days (her visits always go by way to fast). It has been a fun couple of days and I am sure the next ones will be fun as well.

Spencer named his stuffed Monkey "NaNa" and he loves wrapping it up and carrying it around.


Debbie said...

Rachel did not tell the whole story of Garret seeing the replica of the gold plates. She left the room for a minute, and Garret looked down and there was a small replica of the gold plates. We had been talking and learning about them all day, and about how Joseph Smith found them. When he saw them, he excitedly said,"Mom, hey Mom, I found the gold plates!" I think he thought he had actually found the original gold plates. The lady behind the counter thought he was the cutiest!

Love, Mom

Anthony and Kristie said...

That is funny we were in Palmyra at the same time, it was so stinkn' cold.

Leah and Joe said...

Looks like you guys are having so much fun-I am still so jealous!!
I thought Garret looked older in all these pictures, so that was fun to see, and sad too because I am missing it!
Enjoy the last couple of days...... in 2 months Mom is all MINE!! HAHAHAA!

Marianne Thayne said...

Another great post. I didn't even know that your mom was going to visit and then I got an email saying she is there. It is so nice to see the pictures and read the stories. I hope the rest of the trip is great.