Friday, January 9, 2009


A few memorable moments from this week (some are only funny now)-

-I was sitting down stairs and heard screaming. It was so muffled sounding that I assumed it was outside. A few minutes later I go upstairs and find Garret in a suitcase and Spencer sitting on top if it cross-legged and smiling. Yep, that's right Spencer was the one on top. (Garret was fine, just yelling "get off Spencer").

-Pink Eye (Me), Throw up (Spencer...he slept in it...poor baby), Bowel Problems (Spencer....really poor baby, he also slept in some of this....I wish he would just cry so I knew something was wrong...did I just say I wish he would cry?)

-Fooling Amber into thinking that I had to be rushed to the hospital...getting her over here just to surprise her with a mini baby shower!!!

-Garret asking me if I would go on a pretend date with him. He said "Mom will you go on a pretend date with me?" I said "Of Course", He said "First we need a babysitter for Spencer, then we can go to dinner and a movie".

-Spencer loves to say "NO" which is not so cute, but he also says "Love You", which is very cute!

-Making dresses for the orphanage in Haiti.

-Tyler agreeing to watch Pride and Prejudice with me (he got me the Collin Firth version for my birthday and said he would watch it with me one time). We started it at 9 with every intention of only watching the beginning. Every time it a segment ended we kept going. So we watched it all and then Tyler said "I would watch that with you again sometime"- He is the best!

There you have it the highlights from our week.....


steph said...

dave's watched pride and prejudice with me before and i swear he liked it but he says he wouldn't watch it again. go figure.

Marianne Thayne said...

All awesome news. I love the suitcase story! I also watched Pride and Prejudice this week. Great movie and awesome that Tyler will watch it again.

Tia Saxton said...

What cute nephews I have! I miss you guys!

Aaron and Devony said...

I'm dying over the suitcase part. My favorite is the fact that Spencer was on top!

Alicia said...

Ok, I am absolutely cracking up about your "pretend date" with Garrett - what a doll! And also a planner - very smart boy to know you need a babysitter!