Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday I made a cake (we are having friends over for dessert today). It was cooling and my Mom called. The kids were awfully quite...when I went searching for them, they had both brought their stools in and were grabbing handfuls of cake to eat. Garret looked up at me and before I even had the chance to reprimand him he burst in to tears. Sobbing, he told me he was just so excited. We talked and then I asked what do you think should happen now and he said "I don't get any cake tomorrow". I guess he knows how to create consequences all by himself now. (I wish I could have captured their cute little guilty faces).


Alicia said...

Ok, I seriously just laughed, like full-on laughed, out loud. What adorable, adorable kids!

Debbie said...

Boy can I picture those two doing that, and Garret realizing what he had done without you saying a word. They are just to cute for words. I really do miss them.

Love, Mom