Sunday, January 11, 2009

Service Week Two

My project last week was really fun and easy. The dresses were cuter than they are in the picture.
This week I am planning on making some hats. (I am going to make hats but they accept any new or gently used hats for babies and kids). There is a family that adopted two kids from Kazakhstan. They love their adopted children and want to do something for the kids they could not bring home with them. They thought about what the kids need and have broken it up into 12 categories and will try to get donations each month to fulfil that need. This month they are trying to collect hats and gloves. I am not sure what night I am going to work on my hats but if you are interested in doing it with me let me know. Also if you want you can make hats on your own and we can combine them to ship them.
"Keep doing good deeds long enough, and you'll probably turn out a good man in spite of yourself." - Louis Auchincloss
I thought this quote was very fitting. Sometimes I feel like I am very far from the great person I want to become...I hope I am at least on the path to becoming that person.

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Natalie said...

Let me know when you will be making hats. I'd love to join you if I can but my nights are a little busier this week than last. Send me an email.
P.S. If you wanted to let the YW help and join us for our class activity this week, we are looking for something to do and I always like to do service. Let me know what you think.