Wednesday, January 21, 2009

So Long Farewell

My Mom left this morning. It was so fun having her here and so sad seeing her go. I hate that it will probably six months or more before I see her again. Garret woke up and said "I wish my Grandma didn't go. I wish she could stay here all day and play."

Some of the other fun things we did before she left included; playing at Chuck E Cheese (My kids seriously love this place...Tyler and I think it is pretty fun too), worked on more projects, Garret and Mom read The Wizard of Oz and then we acted it out (he was the tin-man and wanted to be the tin-man ALL the time), play dough, art projects with the kids and we got a new fish (the kids named it Otto- again).
We love you Mom!


Leah and Joe said...

I loved the pictures! The tin man looks pretty cute! And the wicked witch looked so scary! Mom always played a good witch, huh? Just kidding we love you mom!

Lindsey said...

Those pictures are great! You guys are so fun!!!

Kennon said...

Ya another fish!

Debbie said...

I am finally looking at the blog, and I am surprised that you didn't get a picture of the wicked witch "melting". I thought I did that pretty good - I guess you would need the sound effects to really appreciate it though.

Nobody had as much fun as I did. Your kids are so cute, and fun to be with. Tell them that I love them.

Love, Grandma

P.S. I love you and Tyler too !!!

Debbie said...

We'll have to show Garret his Uncle Trenton as the Tin Man in the musical "The Wizard of Oz"!! I will send some pictures... I think you two have a pretty cute tin man & scarecrow.. Sounds like you guys had lots of fun, it always fun having a Grandma around...
Love to all,
Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle Trenton