Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Prince Garret

Garret's friend Megan turned four this week. He was invited to her party. All week he was SO excited. It was a costume party and he debated about he was going to wear. In the end he was a pirate (A little while into the party he put on a cape and was a prince and a pirate). He was the only boy and all the girls were little princesses (Spencer was there but just as a tag a long...he wore the duck costume). Garret painted his fingernails for the first time (I wasn't going to be the one to tell him he couldn't when all his friends were having so much fun painting they had blue...), he made a wand, danced to princess songs and ate princess cake (and candy). He was in heaven. He keeps asking me when Megan is going to have another party so he can go. He even said next time he might dance with the girls! Here are a few pictures of the party-


Tia Saxton said...

Garret next time you go to a princess party can I go with you please? Love you guys! I'm glad you had a fun Valentines Day!

Stephanie said...

I love that Garret went to the princess party. You rock for not limiting his fun, just because he is boy at a very girly party. You are such a good mom!!! Seriously, if my kids are half as cute as yours, I will be happy.