Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Funny Boys

My boys are awesome (at least I think so)-

-Garret went to his first primary activity day.  He had so much fun.  He came and found me at one point and said "Mom would it be alright if I ran around?".  He gave the prayer and it was so sweet.  I love it when he prays.  I would definitely put it on my list of favorite things.

-Garret has an amazing sense of smell...for example- we were at a mall and he said "wow, there is  a pool here" I said "no there isn't" he was convinced he smelled a pool.  At the back of building there was a little spa.  Sure enough he smelled chlorine.  After my Dad left he went downstairs laid on the bed and said "this pillow smells just like Grandpa Bob".  Yesterday after Tyler cleaned our bathroom he said "this smells so good, just like the hotel".  

- Garret likes to make observations.  Today at church he very loudly said "Mom that guy doesn't have any hair".

-Spencer on the other hand thought it was SO fun playing with the people behind us he didn't have time to look at who was sitting in front of us.

-Spencer has a new love interest.  He is in love with Allison.  She is Garret's age but Spencer has his eye on her.  If he is being stubborn about getting his coat on we just say.  Allison is going to be there and instantly h e complies.

-If you ask Spencer what he is, he says either "Monkey" or "Moo".

-I took the boys to play at the mall sand boxes the other day.  They played really well and really enjoyed it.  When I looked over one time Garret was dumping a whole bucket of sand over Spencer's head.  

My boys are so fun!  

--side note-I am going to do my service post tomorrow because I need the camera to take a picture of what I made!


Alicia said...

What?!? Your mall has sandboxes in it? That is soooo not fair!!

Also, I love that he asked if he could run around. I seriously think you have SUCH adorable children and I don't even know them personally!

Debbie said...

They are the cutiest boys ever.

Love, Mom