Monday, February 23, 2009

Service Week 8

Last week I wanted to make something awesome and try auctioning it for a good cause. I am not sure if what I came up with is fabulous but it was fun and we will just see how it goes. I often look at this lady in Canada's blog. She makes a bag a day and auctions them on her blog. I believe she has been doing it for a year or so. She has raised 12,000 dollars for darfur. It inspires me so much to think that she is just one person doing what she can.

So here goes....

The item-
A nursing wrap (keep reading even if you don't have babies...I am sure most of us know a mother of a baby or someone that is going to have a baby).

It's washable

Charcoal with a pink and white border

Large neck (easy to pull over hair, easy to see baby if you want)

Slit on one side that can go in the back or to the side if you want one arm out

Perfect for those times that you DO NOT want the squirmy 6 month old pulling the blanket off (the airplane, the friends house when the 12 year old son is in the room etc)

Small and lightweight- could easily be stored in a diaper bag

Pull it out and use it as a blanket for baby

My pictures turned out awful (Tyler isn't home to I tried having Garret take the pictures). So that didn't really work out. I will try to get more up later. If you want to see a very similar item go to this website.

To bid simply leave a comment and be sure to bid higher than the comment before you. Bid as often as you want until Wednesday 6:00pm Eastern time. It doesn't matter if I know you or if you live far away. I can mail it to you. Bids will start at 1.00 and go up from there.

All proceeds will go to March of Dimes.


Sarah said...

I'll bid $10.00!

cntaharrison said...

Nichole bids $20.00!

The Bennett Family Blog said...

I have seen these before in stores and thought about buying one when I was preg. with lily! Great idea! As you know I will be a nursing mom again in Sep. so please take my bid of 30.00! Good Luck to you and me too!

Rachel and Tyler said...

Congratulations to Becky! Send me an email with your address and I'll send it in the mail to you.

To those of you that bid and didn't win or looked and thought about bidding...Thanks! Maybe I'll post something else for auction another time- Rachel

Sue said...

Rachel- I absolutely love your blog! You do really great things with your family.

Sue Ashead

Alicia said...

Oh NO! Did I seriously miss this? How did THAT happen? I swear I check your blog like 3 times a week! =) I have actually been wanting an obuba cover but haven't wanted to spend the money, but this might have actually tempted me enough to do it!
Oh well, I guess I'm happy for the person who got it. =)

You are SO much fun, I love that you did this auction on your blog for charity.

Oh, and I totally agree about the parking fee at the Hyatt! So annoying. At least we got to split it with friends, but still...