Sunday, February 8, 2009


Tyler is home now. He came home Saturday evening. The doctors said that his appendix was one of the largest he had seen. They cut it open and tried to find out how it got so large without rupturing. Tyler doesn't feel to great and is moving around pretty slow. The boys were so excited to have him home (as was I). Hopefully he will feel better everyday.
I was super embarrassed at church today when one of my nursery kids pulled the fire alarm. It was one of the things you see happening right before it happens but before you can stop it. Nursery is totally wearing me out!

Tyler is no longer going to Africa.  He was suppose to go during spring break and do dental work.  However too many students were accepted for the accommodations so names were drawn and four (maybe five) students were asked to wait til next year.  

We are starting to get ready for Valentines day. It is not a holiday we have done much for in the past. I usually make heart shaped biscuits or something like that. This year we made valentine mailboxes and the kids are excited to make pictures for each other to put in them. I don't know if Tyler will be up to doing much this Valentine's day or not so we haven't made any solid plans yet.


kristenita said...

OH MY GOODNESS! we didn't hear about this until friday night- I am so glad everything is ok & that tyler got in before his appendix ruptured!! yikes, so scary.
best wishes for a speedy recovery & I'm so glad he is home now! loves & hugs from our side of town!!

Natalie said...

The same thing happened to us our first Christmas together. It does take a while for him to be 100% but he'll be a lot better in a week. Good luck and let me know if you need anything. No fun. Poor Tyler. I remember Thayne being in a lot of pain before he finally went to the hospital. You're lucky it didn't rupture - that's atleast a week in the hospital (or so we were told at the time).

Lindsey said...

Poor Tyler. We love you guys and pray for you always!

Josh Kandis & Hayden said...

I didn't know it was one of the nursery kids that pulled the fire alarm! How funnny!!! Hopefully Tyler gets feeling better soon, let us know if we can do anything.

Amber said...

PLEASE tell me it was not my child that pulled the alarm! (if it was, I'll probably just laugh :)

I hope all is going well for ALL of you.