Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Family in Town

Tyler's Mom, Dad and Brother Trenton came to visit. They were here about a week. It was fun having company. We kept busy while they were here. Some of the highlights were- (The pictures are in the complete opposite order of how they happened- whoops)

*Playing games! We played lots of games!! Tyler, Alan and Trenton played Monopoly a bunch of times...I think Alan was the grand Champ...My favorite thing about this picture is Garret's outfit (he said it was his soccer clothes!) *Treats- We ate a lot of treats...Not soo good for the waistline but tasted yummy! Spencer had trouble eating his before it melted!

*Bubbles in the backyard- Garret helping Spencer!
*Sidewalk chalk...yep that's right it was warm enough to decorate the driveway.

*A quick trip to the maple farm...So it wasn't really that quick....we had some problems with the directions...I got to spend more time in our "roomy" backseat with Alan and Trenton...seriously though it was a fun outing.

*Chuck e Cheese...where a kid can be a kid again! My boys love it and Tyler and I do to. Tyler and I always say we are going to go on a date there without our kids sometime!

*Playing the games with Grandpa

*Swinging at the park

*Garret thinks he is big enough for everything...even pushing Trenton...I love it Garret will say "When I was a little boy...." as if he is all grown up!


*Garret running for home

*Quick photo after flying kites...just before the rain

*Let's go fly a kite!

*Good times with the Grandparents

*Football in the backyard

*Check out the boys and their ink! Spencer still points to his tummy and says "too"

*The zoo...

*Another one from the zoo...what funny guys!

We also got to hear a few stories from Tyler's parents. It's always fun to learn more about people and where they came from. Tyler as usual got to tease everyone- Alan did his fair share of teasing as well. It was a really fun week and we look forward to seeing everyone again.


Tia Saxton said...

How fun! I wish we could have been there! We'll see you soon though I hope...

beck said...

I am glad that you got all that good weather. I am looking at the snow, which I have been able to do nearly every day while I have been here. Talk to you soon.

Love, Mom