Thursday, March 19, 2009

A good deal

After DC we decided to head up to Atlantic City. Hotels were cheap (We stayed at the Trump for 30 dollars a priceline) and we had never been there. We arrived and Tyler decided he would just ask if there were any bigger rooms available (never hurts to ask). They upgraded us free of charge to a junior suit. It had to be cleaned so we had some time to kill but we weren't complaining. (speaking of the hotel room, the boys all thought the bidet was awesome..)
We decided to just eat at the casino there were six or seven restaurants to choose from. We started checking out the menus looking for the best deal. While we were considering the Seafood Italian buffet (not your normal buffet...actually good buffet) and going back and forth because it was expensive we met Anthony. Anthony came up and told the hostess he was buying our meal. We said we couldn't accept that but he insisted. He was super nice, he came and introduced his wife, chatted with the kids, told us to have fun and even ran back to cover the tip. It was so random and so nice of him. We ate his money's worth.
I told Garret that he could pick three desserts ( I thought it would be like other buffets, small portions of things I could cut smaller...NOPE). He was in heaven and we decided what the heck we were on vacation.
Needless to say our first night in Atlantic City was GREAT! (Oh and Tyler's pile of shrimp was only half of what he ate...Thanks Anthony)

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Josh Kandis & Hayden said...

how nice! aren't vacations SWEET!!