Thursday, March 19, 2009

On the Boardwalk

If you haven't seen "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken" go watch it...If you have then you will remember when she walks down the boardwalk and sees her face on the the top billing. Such a good movie. Anyway I love history and I loved reading about the boardwalk before going. Atlantic city was such a big happening place for such a long time. Driving into Atlantic city I felt a little disappointed, aside from the casinos the place seemed a little too much like down town Buffalo. The boardwalk was not the booming show place of America it once was was still a fun place. I think it would have been so fun to see it in it's prime. We really did enjoy being there with its tons of little shops, entertainers, cats (I didn't know about the cats but there were lots of cats) and its all right on the ocean which is beautiful.

We had a great time walking on the boardwalk, looking for shells by the ocean, going in the shops and watching all the people.
The pier behind Tyler is Steel pier which is the pier that the diving horses performed on. Apparently a tidal wave and fire took most of it out. Then when resorts bought it the shows that were there ceased.

We tried some of the original salt water taffy!

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kristenita said...

I love that movie!!! cool to be there where they used to dive the horses - sad that atlantic city is not "nice" anymore.

and so fun that you guys went there! sounds like it was a great fun trip!!!