Monday, March 9, 2009

Road Trips

Thursday Tyler and I and the boys are leaving on a little road trip. I love Buffalo I really really do but I am so excited for a change of scenery and some quality time with Tyler and the kids. Sometimes life gets a bit monotonous and then I start wondering what I am doing wrong and why my life isn't more exciting. Anyhow a little road trip is going to be tons of fun and I think it will be just the thing to shake off the winter been cooped up in my house blues!

Growing up we took a trip from Washington to Utah almost every summer. I think it was a fifteen hour drive. I have a few bright memories from the drives but mostly it was torture sitting in the car for so long. We tried to find ways to entertain ourselves...the quite game, the letter game etc.

The summer before I was a sophomore in high school we took a road trip from Washington to New Mexico. It was really fun. We stopped at tons of different places. The theme was Native American ruins and we stopped at lots of them. It really was an awesome trip.

Another fun trip was the one that we took from Utah to Washington. The car was not working properly and Steph was just learning to drive. Every time we stopped we would have to look for a hill to park on so we could pop the clutch or else we would have to push it.

My Dad took me and my little sister to Canada once. It was probably one of the best days we spent together. I was an awful navigator and we were all confused about where we were. We ate the best fish and chips I have ever had. It was so fun.

Like I said there were a few really fun trips growing up...but road trips with Tyler are in a league of their own.

Now that I have aged a bit I love road trips. I think it is a combination of being able to entertain myself with my thoughts for a much longer period of time and that Tyler is so fun to go on road trips with. When we drive (he does most of the actual driving) we talk, read, enjoy the scenery. I usually have some sort of book or information on the area we are in. Ill say something like "two hours that way there is...." the next thing I know we are headed that way. It's SO fun!!!

Our plan for this trip is to spend a day getting down to DC stopping where we please, then spending a couple days there with my sister and her husband. After that we are thinking of going to Atlantic City and Philadelphia then taking a leisurely path home....


brent and kashann said...

enjoy the freedom while you can. And feel bad for the caspers because all their kids can't get out of their stuff so we are stuck.

Debbie said...

It sounds like a lot of fun, and you guys do have fun together. Give Steph, Hector, and Natalia(sp) a hug for me.

Love, Mom

Marianne Thayne said...

Road Trips--I love them and love your comments here. I hoe you have the funnest time ever!

Anthony and Kristie said...

Sounds like fun, I want to hear about the fun places you go. We try to make the trip to D.C. fairly often and need to spice up the ride.

Alicia said...

How FUN! I love it! I actually love road trips, too - I get ridiculously excited for them. I love the solitude of just being "stuck" with Christopher and Sheldon for so long, I think it brings out conversations and thoughts that you normally never get around to having during normal life.

Anyway, enjoy your adventure - sounds like it's bound to be a great time!