Monday, April 13, 2009


This week was a little on the crazy side (there was a surprise birthday party for a friend, a trip to springville, a few hours spent at the ER, two kids excited about Easter and Easter itself). Monday night we had a lesson on Easter, we made Easter baskets and here a couple pictures from Saturday when we decorated eggs. Both kids really enjoyed it this year.

Sunday the kids woke up excited! Tyler woke up early so he could make us all breakfast, the boys looked for a couple eggs and they got their new Easter clothes.

After church and our Sunday afternoon nap we headed over to the Goode's for Easter dinner. It was delicious. The food was so great (someday I am going to learn to cook as good as Erika! Tyler's turkey and asparagus was awesome as well!)
The kids loved playing with their friends. Our crazy boys did have a couple bathroom mishaps (part of the adventure of kids).
It was really a nice Easter. I asked Spencer why we have Easter, he didn't say anything. So I said "is it about Jesus?". Then he said "Jesus die". Not sure he really grasped the whole thing but I am sure he had a good day! Garret caught on a little more, he would answer something about the "resurrection" in his cute little voice! They are just so fun!


kristenita said...

Happy Easter!

You can't just blow over "a trip to the ER" like that!! Hope everything is ok.

Water Buffalo said...

They are so cute matching

Tia Saxton said...

I can't believe how dark and curly Garret's hair is. They both look so grown up!