Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth day. I told the kids what it was about and then when Tyler got home we walked around the block and picked up trash. I thought I might have to talk them into doing it but they LOVED it. Every time Garret picked up a piece he said "some people don't take good care of the earth". We had to force him to quite when we were all getting wet and cold from the rain. When we got home he said "I liked cleaning up the whole earth". He woke up this morning asking if we could take care of the Earth again. I wonder if in ten years he will be so anxious to get involved...I hope so!

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Alicia said...

OK - WOAH!! I was out of the blog-circuit for a few weeks (obviously) and I missed the biggest news!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I loved your blog about "call it what you will", that cracked me up. I'm glad you're having another baby because you have the cutest family! And I'm glad you are driving the extra distance for your OB - I think that makes all the difference, especially if he's delivered your other kids so he has a connection with you guys.

Anyway, happy day! Can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl!!