Thursday, April 23, 2009

The perks of being pregnant

I must admit I forget I am pregnant most of the time (I usually just think...I am getting so FAT) but there are a few really great things about being pregnant:

-I never clean the bathroom when I am pregnant (I don't very often when I am not pregnant), Tyler just takes this over (as well as numerous other jobs).

-When I am at a get together where there is really yummy food I feel no shame in going back for seconds (normally I try to steer clear of this)

-After I eat a lot I just stick my belly out and don't even attempt to suck it in (it doesn't exactly go in even if I were to try)

-Garret kisses my belly and says "Hi baby", then Spencer things that is a good idea and joins in.

-Whenever Tyler cooks or we go out he always asks "what do you feel like eating" and even if I can't decide he is very concerned with me liking it!

-Most mornings Tyler gets up at least a few minutes before me and sometimes he starts breakfast (normally my job) or gets the kids up...and no one makes me feel bad about it. Sometimes I hear Tyler telling the boys something about Mommy being really tired.

-I get way more back rubs then normal (granted my back hurts much worse as well).

-I get to have a special relationship with my baby that is special to me alone.

-I get to think of baby names and about baby things again (this also has many downsides but usually its a fun perk).

-Most anything I do can be blamed on the baby (sorry baby)!

-No one thinks its strange if I am extra emotional (that's another good/bad thing!)

Those are a few of the fun parts of being pregnant. I think I'll save the list of complaints for another day (luckily I am second trimester so the list is shorter than it would have been a few weeks ago!)


Kristy E.B. said...

How nice that Tyler takes such good care of you when you're pregnant. I'm excited to see if you're having another boy or a girl this time!

Debbie said...

I love reading your thoughts !!!
What a good momma you are.

Love, Your Momma

Betzy said...

So funny how we get even more pampered when we're pregnant. One of my favorite things about being pregnant is also how you can blame alot on the baby. I played the "the baby wants..." trick while I was pregnant. It worked so well my friends would tell their husbands...Betzy's baby wants..whenever they wanted something! Enjoy it!

Marianne Thayne said...

This was so enjoyable to read--makes me very glad those days are over for me, makes me very happy you have such a good husband and friend, makes me laugh and feel sentimental remembering those special moments that are just between you and baby and just makes me feel good in general. You are a great writer.

Alicia said...

You have such a great attitude - um, and hello! A great husband, too! =) Seriously, being pregnant is a curse that's a blessing at the same time - it's so hard and frustrating, but then so special at the same time.