Friday, April 24, 2009

Ten Highlights of the Day

1. Sunshine- This was the nicest day of 2009 yet!

2. Yard Work- At the beginning of Spring I am always so motivated to work on the yard. In the last two days the boys and I have mowed the lawn, trimmed the bushes, put down beauty bark, and weeded the garden. I am loving the ages they are at- I can mow the lawn and they stay on the porch the whole time. And they are constantly asking me what their job is (how long will that last?)

3. The Pool- The pool made its first appearance today. The kids played in it for a couple hours and loved it!

4. The water blasters- A while back the boys had a dollar each and I took them to the dollar store. They picked out these "water blasters" and aside from shooting Tyler once haven't used them til today!5. Washing the car- The kids have been so excited to do this with Dad.

6. Washing everything- The kids didn't stop with the car they washed the fence, the garage and Spencer washed the dirt (not sure he made much progress there).

7. The driving range- We took the kids and hit a few balls tonight. The boys thought they were pretty good.
8. Number 1- Spencer peed outside for the first time...he's a pro!

9. Day 5- Today was Spencer's fifth day in underwear! His tally so far is 4 accidents and two accident free days! I am hoping we are on the home stretch.
10. Bed Time- After a day in the sun...what could be better!
One moment that I am sure Garret would not call a highlight was when I let him watch The Little Mermaid for a minute. He had never seen it and had wanted to so we got it at the library. He made it til Ursula ate the worm thingy. The little critters eyes bug out as she plops him in. Garret ran turned the TV off, buried his head in my shoulder and cried. He kept saying "I never want to watch that bad movie again, I don't like that bad scary lady". He even had a bad dream about her after he went to bed. Poor sensitive boy!

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Debbie said...

Poor Garret !!! I love that movie, but when you look at it through a kids eyes, it is kind of scary.

But the rest of the day sounded like so much fun. I love that you all enjoy being a family every day. And what a nice family.

Love, Mom