Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Little Spencer is sleeping in the trundle bed for the first time tonight (he tried last night but kept wanting to snuggle with Garret...they were having a little too much fun...back to the crib he went...tonight he didn't make a peep!)- How did he get so big?!


Debbie said...

What little angels !
At least when they are asleep.

Love, Mom

I better get his blanket done !!!

Alicia said...

I can't believe he's in a big boy bed, either! Sheldon is still in a crib... I guess they mature at different paces! =)

Ok, and I am SO SO excited for you to have a girl! How fun that you will have 2 little boys at the beginning to be buddies and then a spunky, fun little girl now. Between packing and moving I've been a little out of the loop, so sorry forthe lag.

Oh, and I think we'll *probably* go up to Palmyra for Thanksgiving this year. When are you having your baby? We don't want to overwhelm you or anything if that's like right after you're due, but as things get closer maybe we can plan a lunch or a playdate together, it would be so fun to see you guys!

Alicia said...

Oh, and I forgot 2 things -

1) I love the "like brothers do" line - your boys seriously are SUCH a crack up, just hilarious!
2) You look so great! I get so big by the end of my pregnancies that I am just a little jealous of you girls who look so cute during them!

Jason and Tisha said...

Rachel - I loved reading your posts. You are an amazing lady and your 20 week bump is so darling. I feel so grateful our paths crossed. If you ever come this way again, our house is yours . . . . hopefully we won't miss you again. If we do miss you, I can leave you a key and you can have the house to yourself!!! Love ya