Friday, May 8, 2009

Dear Grandpa Bob-

Dear Grandpa Bob-
The birdies are in the nest we made a long time ago. There were five babies and one egg. They were really cute. I named one "shashaboomboom". They really like the house. Thank you for helping me make it.
I love you- Garret
(That was straight from his mouth!)

- We decided to take a peek inside the bird house (it was made so the top can come off). We lifted Garret up first and oh boy was he excited when he saw babies in side! I love their enthusiasm!

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Alicia said...

Your boys just melt me, they are so adorable! I love all the little "chores" Garret was helping you with during his naptime the other day. =) I think making a bird house is such an awesome idea, maybe we'll do it next year!

Hope you are feeling well!